Two things came to mind after I received a few replies to my recent status post about Kings of Leon: the old saying “one man’s trash, another man’s treasure” remains true AND that there are probably so many GREAT artists out threw who haven’t “broken” yet but that would probably be my next Ray Lamontagne or Kings of Leon.

Since this is a social network of mostly real friends and family, I figured what better place for me and you to share and discover some GREAT, unheard music.

That said, are there any artists, bands (rock, soul or other genres) that may have slipped under the radar that YOU think are truly GREAT? NOT JUST GOOD, BUT GREAT? I’m not talking about your buddy’s band or a friend you’re trying to help promote and State of Man is eliminated (of course, I think they are GREAT, but most of us already know who they are.. lol). I’m talking about music that truly moves your soul! Music that you just can’t get enough of!

Do us all a favor and reply with a link so we can check it out for ourselves, as I love discovering new, INCREDIBLE music. Again, I only ask that you make sure you really believe its INCREDIBLE music.

That said, I’ll go first:

1. The Hero Factor
The original line up with the old singer is a band I have found myself going back to listen to over and over again for the last 4 years. Check out this song from their early album:

2. City Sleeps
Yep. IMHO, this Atlanta band created some of the very best rock music I’ve EVER heard, but they fired the singer, so only time will tell what comes next for them.
Check out their song “Prototype” to get a taste

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