I’m restarting my wordpress blog after a recent hacker attack and I realize I’ve learned two valuable steps worth sharing to help hack-proof any wordpress blog .  Though simple, any blogger can keep their content safe by following these steps (NOTE: backing up your blog is something I was already doing prior to the hack, but I mention it here in case you aren’t already doing so):

1. Update wordpress software when WordPress tells you to update.

WordPress is great about issuing update notices that are easily visible when you log in to your dashboard.   However, I ignored them and thus got hacked due to an old installation of WordPress.  I just updated to the latest version again when I reinstalled and once again today thanks to these easy notices.

2. Follow Google’s advice:

Check out Matt Cutt’s three tips on securing your WordPress software and FOLLOW it or get someone to help you do so:


If you are an experienced blogger and have other proven tips to share outside of these, please advise!

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