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Welcome to Episode 5 of the Alignment Vlog featuring a simple reminder of our blessed opportunity to experience the perfection of now.

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Enjoy the reminder:


Today, I share that we are simply reminders of love and light, of divine expression and the freedom to create all sorts of wonderful mysteries in every moment.  As we learn to navigate our creation, we choose higher and higher levels of consciousness to experience the bliss from new perspectives, or more importantly, from new points of awareness – expanded and free to revel in the perfection of now.  So, let’s remember our oneness together, our perfection and power to choose harmony and alignment over resistance when we are ready.

It is not the case that resistance / suffering is a bad thing. It is simply a creation that many are ready to transcend / to stop repeating so that they can feel higher vibrations and stop re-creating the cycles of lack, imitation and suffering that have been well worn in the story lines or fabric of this illusion.  It is time for new stories, new creations, expanded expressions of the divine, as the Universe is ever expanding, the song is ever increasing, infinitely. It is time to graduate to new ways of expressing, being, in this creation of form.

There are many way showers, both of what has been created and what is being created, and for those who so choose to get on the edge of expressing something new (or at least new from this timeline perspective), it is time to let go of the old patterns, invoke the new codes and sing a new song.  

If you are ready, simply relax and breath in this moment and feel into your “YES,” aligning with the Source of who you are to assist you in releasing what no longer supports, serves and fulfills you. Release and receive the breath, the Spirit, the knowing to guide you to fulfilment NOW, expressing divine inspiration through creative ideas and action that amplify what you have created right NOW! Everything is already here, right NOW. You lack nothing. Never have and never will.

Engage the Source of what you truly are and stop being distracted by the appearance of what you have created in the world of form. Instead, align and focus on the knowing to guide you into harmony with what is and power to create anew.  

And so it is.

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