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Clarity, Vibration
& Inspired Action.

Wherever there is a desire for more, there is a solution. It is not about just visualizing. It is about clarity, it is about vibration and it is about inspired action.

Guidance Will Include:


A foolproof way to clarify your heart’s desires.

PCP Process

How getting clear on what you don’t want can help.

Source Energy Clearing

The simplest way to clear blocks without having to analyze them.

Inspired Action vs Acting Out

Receiving inspired action vs acting out of desperation.

The Abundance Vibration Course. This is an ongoing weekly course for the next 4 weeks where you’ll receive practical guidance on how to manifest your heart’s desires.


Abundance Vibration Participant.

"one of the visuals I had during the manifestation course was of me teaching. I started teaching Anatomy and Physiology this semester and have been added for Summer Semester Now I have the opportunity to teach some clinical courses to new nurse graduates. It has been amazing! I love it and can't wait to do more. On top of it all I have had an expanded role in education in my current job."

thumb_01_90_90Krista Miller Kyle

Atlanta, GA

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