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The Abundance Vibration: A Guide to Alignment

The Abundance Vibration: A Guide to Alignment is a channeled book by Life Teacher, Healer, Author & Billboard Charting Singer Songwriter, John Stringer. You can scroll down to the sampler section below to get the first 9 chapters for FREE and find out how to get the book for half price OR purchase it for regular price using the button below.

What You Will Learn With This eBook

Have you ever felt like you can't create what you want to in some area of your life no matter how hard you've tried?  Almost as if your stuck repeating the same patterns you don't want to keep experiencing in areas like finances,  relationships, or career?

Maybe you've even heard and tried to apply things like Universal principles, the Law of Attraction and other explanations but it still doesn't seem to help you "get it" while others around you appear to thrive?

Then you may enjoy and benefit from reading and applying the simple practices in my latest book, The Abundance Vibration: A Guide to Alignment.

The channeled writings in this book will help you:

  • Experience the thrill of expanding your awareness into higher levels of consciousness.


  • Enjoy the bliss and fulfillment from aligning with Source and the power of amplificaiton!

  • Feel into new levels of clarity and power as you practice centering with your innate knowing.

  • Develop practices that work for you in any situation to empower you and help you choose from a place of knowing, wellness and peace.

  • Strengthen your will in choosing that which is best and highest FEELING for all concerned from moment to moment.

  • Expand your awareness into how much power, how much beauty, and how much perfection you already possess.

What If It's Simpler Than You Think?

Sometimes, all it takes is hearing the same thing a different way at the right time. The channeled works in this book provide simple practices and ways to see and experience the oneness, perfection and power you already have access to.

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Take A FREE Look At The First 9 Chapters

I invite you to check the first 9 chapters of this book for free so you can see for yourself the power & simplicity of the channeled work. It's enough to help you feel into the frequencies and expand your awareness into aligning with your true power, allowing the flow of life to inform you of what you're ready to step into AND begin consciously experiencing more fulfilment in any area you'd like to! The other 11 chapters take you even further, so if you like the first 9, I believe you'll see the great value of purchasing the full version!

The $9.99 Price Will Only Last For A Limited Time

I'm going to show you the only way to get the full version for half price, so don't wait to check it out and see if it's right for you!

If you'd rather purchase the book at full price for whatever reason, no problem. If you read and apply what it sahares, you'll receive far more than the $20 in return value. In fact, I'd go as far as to say applying what the book shares will radically change you life to one of fulfilment, expansion and purpose beyond anything you've imagined. Why do I say that? Because that's what has happened for me!  My purpose is to help you connect with the same Source of the inspiration in this book and help you trust your own inner knowing so you know that you have everything you need to experience everything you desire in life.  That's my definition of SUCCESS and I hope you experience it, with or without this book!