Science Sunday: Issue #2 – Apples & Lemons, Oh My!

Science Sunday: Issue #2 – Apples & Lemons, Oh My!

Welcome to the second edition of Science Sunday, with John H. Stringer IV & V.  In this edition we learn what happens when an apple is cut open and left to sit.  We also learn about ph balance of a lemon and the enzyme inside apples that causes an interesting chemical reaction.

Apples, Rasins, Grapes & Lemons

As you’ll see in the video, after a while, a cut apple turns brown.  We learned that an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase is released and it has a chemical reaction with oxygen in the air. The reaction causes the fruit to turn brown.  We used lemon juice on the acid and oxygen reacted with the lemon first to prevent the apple from turning brown. Pretty neat, right?

If you’d like to do this same experiment, got to Y

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