Alignment Vlog Episode 12: August 2021 News

Alignment Vlog Episode 12: August 2021 News

John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Author

Check out our Aug 2021 Video update and see the links below!

Events mentioned in the video above:

Aug 25 – Sep 8, 2021 – Aligned Relationships Transformation Experience
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Oct 1 – 3, 2021 – Reignite Your Power, Passion & Purpose – Winter Park, FL
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Oct 15 – 27, 2021 – Sacred Grounds: Ancient Peru
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Dec 7 – 14, 2021 – Transformation Vacation Ochos Rios, Jamaica
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Clarifying Intentions – June 2021 Update

Clarifying Intentions – June 2021 Update

John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Author

Clarifying Intentions

I’m currently clarifying my intentions. If you haven’t already, NOW is a great time to really clarify your intentions – what you want in life – and give it to yourself RIGHT NOW!


How do you do that? Of course, any time is a good time to get clear on your intentions, so check out my new podcast, The Alignment Podcast, to T.A.P. into what I’m talking about here.

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Our latest episode debuts this Saturday on, featuring international best-selling author, Sarah Prout, & her amazing CEO husband, Sean Patrick Simpson, this Saturday, June 5th at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern! We discuss Twin Flames & Aligned Relationships!

In case you missed the last few episodes of Awakened Pillow Talk on B-Radio, you can catch up on our website and on Spotify:


Thankfully, things are changing and we’re finally able to meet in-person more.  We’ve got two wonderful retreats coming up to do just that, hosted by our friend, Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson, and we’d love for you to check them out on her website here.


If you have yet to grab your copy of The Alignment Vibration: A Guide to Alignment, you can now pick up the second edition digital copy for half price here.

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