Your True Currency may not be what you think!

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I’m posting todays’ because it is a great message about what our real currency is. Not money, but something even more powerful:

” ‘If you have an idea, you’re not broke,
and the human mind will never run out
of great ideas’
Matt Furey

Most people, when they need stuff, like
money, will wish, pray or vision the wrong
thing. They’ll focus on stuff!

That’s neither scientifically or spiritually
correct. These days both science and
spirit are converging on a view of the
Universe that no longer sees matter,
or stuff, as fundamental.

They see that at its deepest level the
Universe is formed from consciousness.

You can think of that as Mind. And the
currency of Mind is not stuff, but ideas.

Many people have found that changing
their focus to ideas has made problem
solving many times more effective.

Bob Proctor told me that when he was
first starting to learn about thinking, he
was carrying around a card with $25,000
written on it. He said, “As I looked at that
and thought about money, I started to get
ideas about how to earn money.”

When he acted on the ideas, he went
from deeply in debt to wealthy in one
year! Yes, he had to work very hard, but
he did. And he runs his international
business on ideas to this day.

Take time every day for your personal
time of meditation, prayer, or contemplation.
The mind is most creative when relaxed.

Give your mind your question. “OK, mind,
how can I …..?” Then relax and let go.

Look for ideas, not stuff, to show up in
their own good time. Sometime when
you least expect it.

Then act on them. If you have an idea,
you’re not broke, and the Universe is
full of ideas.

Listen, act and expect miracles!


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