Alignment Vlog Episode 8: Upleveling & Our Son’s Fundraiser

Alignment Vlog Episode 8: Upleveling & Our Son’s Fundraiser

John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Author

I’m excited to let you know where I am in this moment!

I’m writing you from Olympia, Washington as I get ready for a powerful weekend of events, including a Friday night concert at Traditions Cafe; a Saturday house concert at Posi friends Lisa & David‘s home; and sharing music & message, followed by a workshop at Unity of Olympia‘s Sunday service.  I also had a wonderful experience sharing music with my dear friends, Bob & Shannon, at the Pacific Northwest CSL Conference in Eugene, Oregon at CSL Eugene last weekend and also sharing a wonderful workshop with attendees there.  It was also a tremendous blessing sharing music at Unity of Seattle the week before that, so it’s been 3 weeks on the Northwest coast!  Tremendous thanks to everyone involved in setting these events up, including the wonderful music directors Rev. Andy Anderson , Erin McGaughan of Unity of Seattle, and all of the wonderful musicians who blessed us with their talents!  It was a pleasure co-creating with you all!

Here’s what else I’d like to share with you:


I took a walk in Olympia to share this one and so many things unfolded after filming this… all blessings, btw.  I’ll post on that later, but for now, check this out (and make sure to like my Facebook page to get future notifications).  Enjoy and let me know what you think in the Facebook comments:


Check out our son, John Hamilton Stringer V (a.k.a. Johnny)’s school fundraiser where you can donate $10 and get a Domino’s “Slice the Price” card good in GA or donate that to our local partner non-profit inspiring homeless children and families here!


Our new JSI ALIGN USB Wristband / Bracelets have been a BIG hit!  We’ve sold hundreds thus far and they are great because you can play all my music and read a digital copy of my latest book all on a wearable bracelet!   If you haven’t picked yours up yet, get it from my online store here. It includes my latest book, The Abundance Vibration: A Guide To Alignment, in digital form; 5 total albus and it has “ALIGN. ALLOW. LET GO.” printed on it to remind you to align with Source / God / Spirit / Oneness / Higher consciousness from moment to moment.  Grab yours here!

Finally, yhanks to all of you who have been showing up to uplevel together!  We’ve got plenty of other wonderful events coming up as well, so sign up for the newsletter here if you haven’t already!


And as always, check out our other upcoming events at!

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Have you read “Spiritual Liberation?” by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Spiritual Liberation

I thoroughly enjoy reading books on self-development and have been blessed to find many that have assisted in my spiritual journey.  One such book is Dr. Micheal Bernard Beckwith’s latest offering, “Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential.”    I just started reading it recently, and although I’m only on the 7th chapter, it is so good, I decided to join the Amazon associate program today (which allows me to recommend this and all my other favorite books)!

For context, you may remember Dr. Beckwith from “The Secret.”  My wife and I met Dr. Beckwith on 2/11/07 while visiting his LA based Agape International Spiritual Center.   We were extremely moved durring our visit and came back searching for a similar environment here in Atlanta, GA (we were fortunate to find the sister church only 15 minutes from our home).

Kathy, Dr Beckwith and I

Kathy, Dr Beckwith and I (before I cut my locks)

I’ve been equally moved by “Spiritual Liberation” b/c it is simply powerful.  I read a chapter each day along with the affirmations and embodiments at the end.  Once I’m finished, I feel much like I do after an incredible meditation.

The forward, by Marianne Williamson, describes the book perfectly:

“Michael Bernard Beckwith, through his ever-deepining understanding of God and human existence, has already cast a wide net of influence.  With this book, the many lessons he has learned, the information he has acuumulated, and the insights that have illumined his mind will now illumine yours”.

Have you read the book already or are you reading it now?  What are  your thoughts on it?