Happy Thanksgiving, Latest Kickstarter news, LLL message

Happy Thanksgiving, Latest Kickstarter news, LLL message

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you are finding plenty of things to be grateful for and spending quality time with those you love!

I also hope you are learning to love yourself more!  I’ve been learning how to do this in new and deeper ways and I share a little bit of it in my latest video update:


The lyrics to the chorus of  “Accept It All”  (the second track on my debut solo album, “Limitless Love & Light”) echo some of the sentiment I’m speaking of in the video regarding judgement.  You can listen to it (and the rest of the songs on the album) here.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and Happy Holidays!

Listen to and order your copy of “Limitless Love & Light” Online

Listen to and order your copy of “Limitless Love & Light” Online


We had an amazing time at the advanced CD Release party on 10/11/15 for my solo album debut, “Limitless Love & Light.” I’ll add some photos to the website soon.

I’m also grateful to finally announce that I’ve released the entire album, “Limitless Love & Light” for streaming and purchase online here (go to the page and scroll down to see the player).

The worldwide release of the album is set for 11/11/15, but you can pre-order now!

Thanks to all the Kickstarter supporters and participating artists (Victoria Canal, Jesse Owen Astin, Ade Anifowose , Nichelle Young and co-producer, Rick Beato) for making this possible! For those who participated, your Kickstarter rewards ship next week!!!


CDs Arrived, New Song release w/ Victoria Canal & Live Show Guest Performers

CDs Arrived, New Song release w/ Victoria Canal & Live Show Guest Performers

First, we just got the new CDs delivered to our home and it’s on and pop’n:

We’re so close to the “Limitless Love & Light” CD Release party on Sunday, 10/11, I can feel the energy!  Are you ready for some love and light in an intimate community setting, with great music, food and people (plus child care *smile*)? It all starts for only $10 in advance if you get tickets online now here ($15 day of show).

The intent of this night is for each of us to feel the presence of the divine through music and human connection; to experience the love and light together in various expansive forms and to remember our own soul’s purpose for being here!!!

I’ll be performing all the songs from “Limitless Love & Light” as well two other special ones.  To get you ready, here’s a newly released song, “Hold Me Now,” featuring the AMAZINGLY talented Victoria Canal, who will be performing the song with me live (so excited)!  Check it out:

What did you think?  Hope you hear her voice is as beautiful as Kathy and I do.  In addition to Victoria joining to sing the above duet (plus one other we’ll perform from the album),   several other dear and talented musicians will join me on stage…  including our very own amazing daughter, Jolie! Wooohooo! Her voice is blossoming beautifully! Check out all the artists:


There are so many people in our lives who are helping bring this night about!  I must confess that my wife, Kathy, is simply AMAZING as well!  She has been working like she’s back managing her old music conference… though this is a much smaller endeavor, her to do list made me cringe when I saw it during one of our meetings!  This is just one of her lists:

So glad she’s great at what she does and has a passion for the management side of things.   It’s what she got her degree in and envisioned doing long ago (managing artists), just as I had hoped to be in a relationship working together in music.  I’m grateful we’re a team!

We’ve ASKED, BELIEVED and have both been working diligently  to ensure we all RECEIVE a MAGICAL experience on this night… and we are not ALONE!  LOVE has shown up in BIG and BEAUTIFUL ways to support our efforts and help with what we need through YOU!  Yes, YOU!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to:

  • those of you who have already bought (or will by) tickets  to come and enjoy this experience with us.  You will add your own beautiful energy to the evening and help amplify the energy!
  • those of you who can’t make it but are sending love and light our way as well as helping us spread the word!
  • those of you who are donating equipment, services, time, and energy to help us ensure everyone has a wonderful experience we can all remember – from the PA, our sound man, our merch and door volunteers, our caterer, our childcare provider, our facility, our videographer, our photographers – everything we’ve needed has been provided, and then some!
  • those of you who are showing up as artists to add your musical talents to the songs as we perform them live and let the spirit move us!

I thank you all in advance for being a part of it!

I’ll have a couple of announcement during the show that will also provide ways to experience this love and light through ACTION, so come prepared to LOVE, CONNECT, and BE INSPIRED.

See you very soon!

Check out “Power of Love and #blacklivesmatter” & “We Matter

Check out “Power of Love and #blacklivesmatter” & “We Matter

Did you notice any divisiveness around the use of the hashtag #blacklivesmatter not too long ago?  Perhaps that conversation is still going on.  Either way, you may appreciate the two new tracks below from my forthcoming album, “Limitless Love & Light,” that touch on it in a way I feel is loving (NOTE: play “Power of Love and #blacklivesmatter” and then “We Matter” to hear the two new songs below):

This is the first time the album versions have been released to the public for listening and the advanced CD release party on Oct. 11th in Atlanta will be your first chance to get a physical copy of the full album  (NOTE: online tickets are cheaper and selling daily, so be sure to get your tickets NOW at http://bit.ly/jstix ).

So, I completely understand people’s reactions like “All Lives Matter” when seeing the #blacklivesmatter hashtag –  I used to respond the same way.  However, I love what my friend Margaret Fuller commented when I first shared the spoken word text on Facebook:

 “It took me a while to realize it, but by saying#blacklivesmatter, we ARE saying #alllivesmatter.



You may be interested to know that I received inspiration for both of the tracks above shortly after watching this video:

If you like the tracks and video above, be sure to share them with others and pick up a copy of my first solo CD,  “Limitless Love & Light,” when it comes out.

Finally, I invite you to join my online community to stay connected:

“Limitless Love & Light” CD is mixed, mastered, designed and off to press

“Limitless Love & Light” CD is mixed, mastered, designed and off to press

Whew! Folks, my first solo CD, “Limitless Love & Light,” is finally complete!  Super producer, Rick Beato, helped complete production, mixing and mastering in record time and Ken Lanyon finished mastering the CD yesterday, so the project is now off to Disc Makers for manufacturing.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the tracks – “You Are Welcome Here,” a song I wrote about unity at the request of Penelope Williams, Creative Arts Director at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta:


I think of “You Are Welcome Here” as a song for anyone seeking to welcome love, peace and unity in their world and I’ve adopted it as a the theme song for my online community (which you can join here).

I gotta tell you… there are so many songs I’m itching to share with you from the CD. I’m like a little kid who unwrapped his Christmas gifts, so I can’t thank you all enough for supporting the Kickstarter to help make this happen!

We’ll get the physical copies just in time for the Advanced CD Release Party in Atlanta on Sunday, 10/11 (6 PM) at Trinity Center for Spiritual Living where I’ll be joined by several dear friends on stage.  If you haven’t picked up tickets / VIP packages yet, or just want more details, get them right here.