Certification in Cali, YOU, Soul Constellations, Birmingham & CSR

Certification in Cali, YOU, Soul Constellations, Birmingham & CSR

John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Author

As usual, blessings abound.  I hope you feel it, too! Remember, “All is well and always is.”

I’ve been through a wonderful week of letting go outworn preferences, releasing fear, and becoming more aware of the love we are. What a blessing. What a bliss-ing!

Had a wonderful time with our friends in Alpharetta, GA offering a new channeling workshop to help others expand their awareness into higher levels of consciousness, enjoyed many new music adventures (like this one at my son’s school), completed a wonderful 3 week tour through Florida, and enjoyed time with family & friends,  a new real estate adventure with friends… and so much more!  Source / God / the Universe is continuously saying YES to the desires of my heart and I’m continuously remembering how to do the same and sharing the lessons!

If you’re at all wondering how to get more fulfilment in your life and/or just want to join us in living Fulfilled, read below for a couple of options!



While in Orlando, Florida last month, I was blessed to join the powerful Rev. Cynthia “RCA” Alice & fabulous show producer, Dave Kropf, of the Authentic Spiritual Journey podcast.  The episode (Ep. 43) I’m featured in is entitled Present in the Presence.   

We really had a great time together and discuss our journeys and the lessons we’re experiencing.  I even share my morning routine!  Click on the image above or here to check it out.

It can also be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and other podcast apps. 

FYI, RCA is not only a wonderful podcast host, but she is the senior minister for our beautiful Christ Church Unity Orlando family, where Dave also serves as their fantastic drummer!  


Grateful to be “Going Back to Cali” for our upcoming  Expanding Awareness & Intuition: Certification – Level 1 event and looking forward to seeing you there.    Thanks for all of you who are joining us… and for those of you who want to go but haven’t registered yet, you still have time!  Sign up for the full event or just one or two days here at our lowest prices ever!

You’ll need to register for the full event to get the Level 1 certification, but you’ll certainly benefit from whatever amount you can attend. 

Our dear MasterMomentMakers.com co-founder, Arlene Moshe, will join me remotely from Canada and as we guide you through the material!  I’ll speak and share music during the Sunday service at Enlightened Heart OC  and we’ll also provide one-on-one sessions the Monday following  the retreat… so come prepared to have a POWERFUL time together.

After the retreat, I’ll visit with my dear award-winning songwriter friends, Patricia Bahia, Harold Payne & CSR co-host Alan Roy Scott, to see what we can get into together.. and then I head out to San Diego to share and receive at the San Diego Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.)’s rally/retreat.  How can it get any better than this? 



Join me at Trinity Center for Spiritual Living for a special Spiritual Summit workshop with Guest Speaker, Dr. Mark Armstrong, who will facilitate Soul Constellation. Learn more and register for this powerful workshop here.


If you haven’t checked out the 2019 Conscious Songwriting Retreat where you can learn from top conscious songwriters how to take your songwriting to the next level,  click the image above.  We’ve got some incredible surprises in store for you this year, including new guest speaker, Traci Hale, who co-wrote the #1 “What’s My Name” (Rhianna & Drake) and others you’ve heard.  She’ll breakdown the anatomy of a hit!   

Whether beginner or veteran, we’ll have writers of all experience levels and all ages join us for an experience you won’t forget!  

Here’s what we’re joining to do:

“We are using songwriting as not only a creative tool but as one for awakening. That is what Conscious Songwriting is about as I define it. To assist one in their journey to remember who they are, why they exist and what their souls is seeking to birth, what Source is seeking to birth through their soul’s blueprint even. Many of you are choosing to align with the truth of who you are. Not the separate individuated points of awareness, or the disconnected beings that are not interrelated… but instead, the connected beings, interdependent upon each other – because you are truly ONE at the essence and you are listening, learning to remember, learning to be, learning to align with the Source of who you are more frequently. You are using your journey to bring forth greater awareness into your abilities, to tap into higher levels of consciousness so that you can remind yourself at every level of who you truly are, why you came and what is possible: the limitless love and light that you are. You are awakening into the calling to be something greater than you ever thought possible in your non awakened state. You are aligning with the calling for your life to bring forth something remarkable: to bring forth the light, love and bliss in your personal experience and to assist all humanity in doing the same. This is your birthright. It is therefore about knowing you are one, knowing you are powerful and knowing you are perfect as all life is because at its essence, beyond the appearance of things, you are the divine, the sacred, the holy, unfolding in ways that are magnificent. You came to be that. Yes. this is your reason for the retreat: to remember, together, and remind each other of that oneness that perfection and that power. Through our own alignment we will assist the ones who have answered the call to join in the remembering, to join in the unfolding and awaken the world to more of its perfection. Yes. And so it is.”   – John Stringer

That’s all for now!  

As always, check out our other upcoming events at www.johnstringerinc.com/tour/!

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Hudost, Christie Lenee & I, New Year’s Eve Retreat & Free Intuition Webinar!

Hudost, Christie Lenee & I, New Year’s Eve Retreat & Free Intuition Webinar!


Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Lover, Author.

This year has been a truly amazing year for Kathy and I, and I hope it has been as wonderful for you.  We’ve hosted several sold-out retreats many of you have attended; released the new book, The Abundance Vibration which many of you are reading; recently launched a new membership site Master Moment Makers to serve you on your expanding journey; and we’re continuing to bring more events your way to remind you of your oneness, perfection and power… including the three listed below! 

I hope you can join us for as many as you are able!

Join us for the Master Moment Makers Free Webinar, “Intuitive Abilities, Made Easy.”

Click here now to watch it On Demand!

See how you can further develop your intuitive abilities without being intimidated or overwhelmed and watch John and Arlene access information and receive guidance while giving real time readings!

Our goal is to simply show you the abilities you already have and how to practice remembering how to use them!

We’re excited to announce the first Big Glow Community New Year’s Retreat: Channel Your Highest Genius – Florida from Dec 29, 2017 – Jan 2, 2018 outside sunny Gainesville Florida, on a 108 Acre Wildlife Refuge, with miles of hiking trails, we will bring in New Year’s as a community, and a family, with Brian Piegrossi, Kathy & I plus a New Year’s Eve visit with Michael Singer, author of “The Untethered Soul” and the “Temple of the Universe,” including Kirtan and a Huge bonfire and more. Check out the registration page here for full details!

John Stringer, Christie Lenee & HUDOST – live @ Healium on NOV 9th

Join us at Healium for an unforgettable night of music as John, Christie Lenee & Hudost hit the stage to share inspiring music.  If you haven’t heard Christie Lenee or HUDOST yet, check them out here!   





Get tickets in advance at https://www.freshtix.com/events/hudost-feat-john-stringer

Be sure to check the upcoming dates for when I’ll be bringing the Alignment Tour to your area and I’ll see you out there!

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The Abundance Vibration Course


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Download 3 albums worth of John’s music for Free!

FREE COURSE: Learn To Tap Into Your Intuition & Get The Answers You Need

Got this from David Morelli and the Everything is Energy team, whom I appreciate. My spiritual mastermind brothers and I are enrolled and hopefully you’ll join us. See details below.

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For the first time ever, David is teaching a FREE 3-week Intuition Course. If he were charging for the course, it would cost $297, but he is offering it to you for free.

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The Everything Is Energy Team

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