Back from Bali & China, Community Thanskgiving, Big Glow Retreat & more!

Alignment is Empowering


LIfe Teacher. Healer. Singer. Lover.

I returned from Bali and China at the beginning of November and my experience was empowering.  Thank you all for the support and well wishes on the trip!

I’ve enjoyed seeing many of you since I’ve been back and look forward to connecting with each of you in all the ways we will!  See some opportunities below.

“The experience was truly transformational, empowering and enlightening.”


From Bali with Love

From Bali to China — As some of you know, I visited Bali, Indonesia for a transformational event called Gamechanger Live, hosted by Henare & Kate O’Brien. The experience was truly transformational, empowering and enlightening.  It helped me expand into recognizing new ways of accepting all that I AM and helped me expand my awareness to let go of areas I’ve resisted life’s flow.

Two of the biggest shifts for me were 1.) releasing patterns of guilt and shame and 2.) restablishing connectons with loved ones that had long fallen off.

I also made many friends there, whom I’ll cherish from here on, and I’m grateful to be among the international attendees who shared so much together. 

A big thank you to Henare & Kate for putting on / facilitating and leading an amazing event.  Thanks as well to all those who attended and to those of you who supported my going there!

I took a tour of Guangzhou, China on my way back to the US and loved the experience.

You can see video and photo highligts from the trip here.

NEW EVENTS — Kathy and I have been working with many others on some great upcoming events you are invited to, including the following ticketed events:

Community Thanksgiving: Breathwork, Yoga, Sound Healing & Music

Nov 18, 2016 | 7pm | Vista Yoga
Join Ashby Underwood Garner, Ananda Healing, Flournoy Holmes, Kathy Stringer and I this Friday for an evening of GRATITUDE and CELEBRATION with gentle yoga, sound healing, rebirthing breathwork, live music and potluck!  Get advanced tickets for less here.

The Big Glow Retreat: The Art of Manifestation: Relationships, Abundance & Purpose
Dec 9 – 11, 2016 | The Mansion at Namestoy Farms
Brian Piergrossi, Kathy and I team up for our 4th Big Glow Retreat together.  This is an all-inclusive 3-day experience of beloved community that has blessed our lives and those who attend and may bless yours as well. The last 3 retreats sold out in advance and this one has 3 spots left, so if you are so lead, sign up here.
For a detailed list of upcoming events I’ll speak and sing at, visit

“The retreat environment calls forth and nurtures my highest self, helps me release negatives and ideas of self-limitation, embrace my potential, and find new wellsprings of joy inside myself”.”

S.K., Sacramento CA


The Abundance Vibration Course


Join The Big Glow Community


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From the road: Limitless Love & Light tour underway with the family

From the road: Limitless Love & Light tour underway with the family

We’re now 3 shows in on the part one of my first solo tour -the Limitless Love & Light tour – and it’s been a tremendous blessing!

Our first (a lot of firsts… lol) donation based house concert was co-hosted by Michelle Richards and Kate Lyman in Ball Ground GA, and we had a great time hanging with dear friends, meeting some new friends, and making smores around a fire after the concert:



St Augustine Weclome SignThen, we hit the road for a three week stretch with the first stop in St. Augustine, FL where we played our first outdoor donation based house concert at Tom & Roxanne Gibes‘ home and made many more new friends!


One of the great things we’re finding is when we stay with people like Tom & Roxanne on the tour, it really feels like you’re staying with family.  The kids enjoyed their time just as much as we did there and as you can see, below, Johnny made great use of the hot tub:


The next day, we enjoyed a great Sunday service at the Center for Spiritual Living at St. Augustine where I played a few songs during the service and had a great concert after the service!  We also got to celebrate our dear friend, Lynne Pouliot’s birthday with her!  Thanks to all who came out to these events and connected with us.

The CSL at St Augustine is  a wonderful, loving community and we’re very grateful to Tom, Roxanne, Rev. Ken, Judie and everyone else for having us there and making feel so welcomed!

Derrick-StepNext, we joined our St. Augustine friends, Derrick & Stephanie,  to stay at their beautiful home for a few days of down time.


They have a 6 year old son (little Derrick)  that our 6 year old son (Johnny) gets along with famously, so they are running up and down the stairs playing “ninja” and hide and seek as I type this.

We’ve had so many  great experiences already that it’s hard to believe we’re barely a week into the tour.  Here’s are some other cool highlights we’re thankful for:

  •  Enjoyed some healthy, delicious food at Manatee Cafe w/ Tom & Roxanne
  • Watched Inside Out at Epic Movie Theater with several members of CSL St Augustine (good movie, btw)
  • Enjoyed time on the beach w/ Stephanie and little Derrick
  • Sold a ton of books and copies of the new live EP (CD)
  • Received so much love and support from so many wonderful people
  • Enjoyed many great conversations with our hosts and new friends

It’s also been nice to be able to get work done during some down time on what  truly feels like a tour / working vacation. I’m so grateful for how this has all gone thus far.


I’m also tremendously grateful for my amazing wife / co-manger / super woman, Kathy, who’s helped book, coordinate and plan the whole tour!

As I’ve shared with many of you before, I dreamed of having a wife who I could work with in the music industry, so it’s been awesome to get to work together on this.  I’ve also dreamed of having my family with me on tour for quite some time, so to finally be here and enjoying this all now is such a blessing.  I thank God / Source / The Divine for allowing us to experience this together, connecting with and sharing our lives with so many beautiful souls!

We’re planning to do donation based house concerts throughout the East coast starting in August and running through the fall and then hit the West coast thereafter.   If you are interested in hosting one, all you need is a love of live music, a space to fit 20+ seated people (e.g. living room, back yard, community center, etc.) and some friends to invite to a donation based concert.  You can even co-host with a friend like Michelle and Kate did.   Just email us at and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Next up:  Ocala, Orlando, Largo, Tallahassee and then, we’ll make our way back home with a stop in Byron, GA!  Hope to see you at one of our stops along the way.