Alignment Vlog – Episode 3 – Who You Are & Choice

Alignment Vlog – Episode 3 – Who You Are & Choice

John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Author

In Episode 3 of the Alignment Vlog, I share a channeled message in full. 

You can also read the message below and find the other episodes here.

Enjoy the reminder:

There is no reason to ever doubt the existence of love, that which you truly are, the limitless love and light of the world. For you are the very energy and consciousness that is love and light. You are that which creates all you experience. And by you, we mean the actual essence of all that is – the true you that is the unchanging, eternal I AMness, if you will. That divine intelligence is always operating at all levels of consciousness. Even the levels which choose to forget, which choose to remember, and which choose to participate without thinking: the oneness of it all. This is you, your true identity and you are here to explore all levels you choose. It is not about awakening alone. It is also about forgetting. It is not about bliss alone, it is also about suffering. It is not about being alone, it is also about doing. You are here now to choose that which you decide to create, to experience, to believe, to enjoy or to not enjoy. You create the dynamic shifting and, whether conscious or unconscious, you determine the quality of every experience, every moment, through your choice. If you choose to access more of who you truly are through aligning and expanding your awareness into more of yourself, then you get to experience and know more of yourself. If you choose to forget and resist who you are and what you are creating, if you choose to judge, label, believe in misperceptions about who you are – the limited conditioned thinking that you create, then you get to experience the beauty of this illusion through that lens. And there is nothing wrong with any of it. There is nothing right with any of it. We do not remind you of the truth of who you are to judge you for choosing differently. We simply present you the opportunity to remember and you decide when you are ready. Because remembering is your right. Forgetting is your right. Wherever you are in your journey right now is your right and there is no right or wrong with whatever you choose. Thus, for those who are seeking a way out of what they have created because they no longer want to experience resistance, suffering and not feeling good, the way out is often through alignment that helps you simply accept where you are now so that you can free up energy to expand your awareness to other possibilities. Often going through this acceptance means feeling what you have been judging, resisting and not wanting to experience or feel. This is without meaning. In other words, you can do this and hold on to meaning that has been judging it as bad, etc., but then you continue the resistance and often do not make it out of the stuckness. We simply remind you when you align that there are other ways to experience bliss. Some ways include experiencing the beauty of what you have been rejecting though your acceptance, through your releasing the meaning and resistance and through your surrender to what is, what you have created… knowing that it is not real. It is simply a temporal creation unfolding perfectly based on your choices and now you can choose differently. Choose to surrender, relax, expand and bring in higher consciousness, more of who you are. This allows the energy of who you are, the perfect source energy, to unfold as spirit, presence and more, choosing from higher consciousness exactly what is perfect to feel good, better, feel fulfilled, choosing the frequencies that best suit where you are now. This is what the Alignment Codes are about. This is what listening to spirit is about. This is what allowing the Holy spirit to guide you is about. Aligning, listening, inquiring and blissing into what your highest self has for you, what the divine, God, Source, Spirit – whatever IT is that you are – has for you.

We invite you to continue finding the practices that work for you so that you might aling from moment to moment and know the truth, experience the truth, be that which you are without continuously unconsciously choosing what you do not desire.  You do not desire to do that which you do not want to do, thus you never do what you do not want to do. On some level, you simply forget that you are choosing exactly that which you desire… And that is OK. If you accept this and align, you can change and choose differently.

And so it is.

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