Check out “Power of Love and #blacklivesmatter” & “We Matter

Check out “Power of Love and #blacklivesmatter” & “We Matter

Did you notice any divisiveness around the use of the hashtag #blacklivesmatter not too long ago?  Perhaps that conversation is still going on.  Either way, you may appreciate the two new tracks below from my forthcoming album, “Limitless Love & Light,” that touch on it in a way I feel is loving (NOTE: play “Power of Love and #blacklivesmatter” and then “We Matter” to hear the two new songs below):

This is the first time the album versions have been released to the public for listening and the advanced CD release party on Oct. 11th in Atlanta will be your first chance to get a physical copy of the full album  (NOTE: online tickets are cheaper and selling daily, so be sure to get your tickets NOW at ).

So, I completely understand people’s reactions like “All Lives Matter” when seeing the #blacklivesmatter hashtag –  I used to respond the same way.  However, I love what my friend Margaret Fuller commented when I first shared the spoken word text on Facebook:

 “It took me a while to realize it, but by saying#blacklivesmatter, we ARE saying #alllivesmatter.



You may be interested to know that I received inspiration for both of the tracks above shortly after watching this video:

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