Alignment Vlog Episode 7: Personal Value; Florida Tour, USB Wristband / Bracelet, Birthday & More!

Alignment Vlog Episode 7: Personal Value; Florida Tour, USB Wristband / Bracelet, Birthday & More!

John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Author

Today is my 45th birthday and I am so grateful to be exactly where I am in this moment and...

I’m grateful to be able to reach out to you and share so many wonderful things.

Check them out:

(UPDATE: Just reviewed the Facebook live and noticed the sound went out part of the way through. Sorry about that. I may re-do this episode, so let’s see what unfolds.)

Since it’s my birthday, I decided to go lo-fi and shoot this episode of The Alignment Vlog on Facebook Live while driving (make sure to like my Facebook page if you’d like to get future notifications).  Enjoy and let me know what you think in the Facebook comments:


I’m a really BIG Smoothie King fan and it turns out that if you use my referral link to get their app, you get $2 off your next smoothie! Plus, I get points just for you installing it. Check it out here!


I’m headed down to Florida for the next 3 weeks and I’ll be speaking, singing, facilitating workshops and attending the Posi Awards while there, so check the tour dates here and join me where you are able!  


“I had an amazing session with John Stringer yesterday. I have worked with channels before. A great channel will lift your resonance to a higher level of vibration. In my experience with John, I felt that beautiful lifting to The One. I also felt a very loving connections with John. He is an amazing healer! I recommend him. And when you hook up with John get ready for a life changing experience!” – Cynthia Hart (Facebook reviews)

I’m offering in person, one-on-one guidance sessions while in town where I bring through insights from Spirit / Source specifically to help us raise our consciousness together. You can get a discount if you book it with me at one of the upcoming events, so check the tour schedule for an event near you.

Otherwise, you can simply purchase your session online in the store and we’ll schedule a remote session that I’ll record and send to you afterward for your review!


I’m delighted to share the all new JSI ALIGN USB Wristband / Bracelet, now available in my online store here. Not only is it a cool conversation starter, but it also has ALL my albums (5 total) on it along with a digital copy of my book, “The Alignment Vibration: A Guide to Alignment” (about $80 worth of retail value on a 2GB drive)! Plus, it has “ALIGN. ALLOW. LET GO.” printed on it to remind you to align with Source each time you check it out.  Grab yours here!


I’m headed back to the West Coast next month to join my dear friend & partner at, Arlenea Moshe, we’ll host Expanding Awareness & Intuition: Certification – Level 1 in Orange County, LA! 

This 3 day non-residential retreat / workshop is being offered exclusively to those who are committed to developing their spiritual / psychic abilities and using their intuitive awareness to live a spiritually centered life in their unique body. If that description fits you, click here for details and we hope to see you there!

… and check out what one of our attendees had to say about the last retreat:


Our 2019 Conscious Songwriting Retreat is now open and we’ve got another All-Star line up to help you tap into your inner genius (Spirit / Source) while guided by HIT songwriters! I’ll be returning with veteran songwriter and songwriting retreat co-host, Alan Roy Scott, plus guest speakers Traci Hale (#1 hit “What’s My Name” with Rihanna & Drake) &  Jill Colucci (multi-platinum, multiple #1 hit songs) to facilitate the workshops… and we’re building in more free time, plus a finale showcase open to the public!

No matter what level of songwriting you are, aspiring or veteran songwriter, join us for fun & insightful experiences, beautiful connections with like-hearted songwriters from around the country, wonderful food and accommodations at a 32 acre resort & retreat center, and much more! 

Register here before the Early Bird deadline and save!

… and here’s a little reminder of why we’re doing this:

“We are using songwriting as not only a creative tool but as one for awakening. That is what Conscious Songwriting is about as I define it. To assist one in their journey to remember who they are, why they exist and what their souls is seeking to birth, what Source is seeking to birth through their soul’s blueprint even. Many of you are choosing to align with the truth of who you are. Not the separate individuated points of awareness, or the disconnected beings that are not interrelated… but instead, the connected beings, interdependent upon each other – because you are truly ONE at the essence and you are listening, learning to remember, learning to be, learning to align with the Source of who you are more frequently. You are using your journey to bring forth greater awareness into your abilities, to tap into higher levels of consciousness so that you can remind yourself at every level of who you truly are, why you came and what is possible: the limitless love and light that you are. You are awakening into the calling to be something greater than you ever thought possible in your non awakened state. You are aligning with the calling for your life to bring forth something remarkable: to bring forth the light, love and bliss in your personal experience and to assist all humanity in doing the same. This is your birthright. It is therefore about knowing you are one, knowing you are powerful and knowing you are perfect as all life is because at its essence, beyond the appearance of things, you are the divine, the sacred, the holy, unfolding in ways that are magnificent. You came to be that. Yes. this is your reason for the retreat: to remember, together, and remind each other of that oneness that perfection and that power. Through our own alignment we will assist the ones who have answered the call to join in the remembering, to join in the unfolding and awaken the world to more of its perfection. Yes. And so it is.”

As always, check out our other upcoming events at!

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