(Having trouble viewing the video above?  Check it out on Youtube – Video Tour of Ryan Lubber’s Green Home – Sustainable Luxury in Hickory Nut Forest eco community)

If you’ve ever been to Asheville, NC, then you know it’s a unique community and beautiful place with plenty of beautiful Eco villages to check out.  Recently, my family (Kathy, Jolie, Johnny and I) got a chance to visit our dear friend who lives there (Debbie Wilson Pustorino), and she invited us to “Hickory Nut Forest Open House Tour,” presented by The Western North Carolina Green Building Council.

As the 2012 Western NC Green Building Directory reports, one of the many great things we learned about Hickory Nut Forest is that it’s “a 200+ acre eco-community in Gerton, NC where residents share a 10-acre organic garden and heirloom orcahrd, alogn with acess to miles of trails through forest protected under a conservation easement.”  It was founded by John Myers and Jane Lawson, who bout the land and had the dream that is now becoming a reality.  We got to meet John and Jane, and they are truly wonderful and warm.  In fact, their

I was amazed by the homes we saw and the people we met, and I was excited to learn that all three of the properties we visited, including the one above, were owned (and some, co-built) by first-time builders who successfully created  what I consider to be “Sustainable Luxury.”

What exactly is Sustainable Luxury?   For me, it’s simply luxury combined with Eco-friendly / Green / Sustainable development and something I plan to help create.  Of course,  much like beauty, luxury is “in the eye of the beholder.”  See if you agree with my assessment of the first Sustainable Luxury property we toured above, owned by first-time builder Ryan Lubbers, and co-built by Nate Ballinger.

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