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February was an amazing month of love, fun, travel, sharing, re-connecting with and meeting so many wonderful souls and this month is already off to a great start.

“More than a singer, John Stringer is a messenger with music that just makes the world better. His heart is pure and when he sings, everyone knows that someone special is shifting the energy and bringing mighty blessings through his music!”

Rickie Byars Beckwith

From performing at Agape International on the West coast to sharing music and a message of love on the East coast, I had a great time connecting with everyone!

Sincere thanks to all the wonderful hosts, spiritual centers and supporters who simply made the last month and a half an incredible experience. 

Special thanks to Rickie B. Becwith, Dr. Micheal Bernard Beckwith and the entire Agape family for their tremendous love and support during my Agape visit.  It was a blessing to give and receive with you!

Catch Rickie BB, Dr. Beckwith and I, along with the entire Agape service in Agape’s streaming archive here. 

We even launched new lead sheet music for the Posi-Award nominated song, “That’s Love” and “You Are Welcome Here” on the PolyPlat Records store here.

Check out my Posi Awards performance of “That’s Love” with the Posi Awards all-star band below:

Btw, “That’s Love” didn’t receive a Posi Award but it was an honor to even be nominated.  I  also enjoyed leading a “Conscious Popular Songwriting” workshop at the festival and enjoyed all the wonderful feedback!

The entire Posi Fest was awesome, so if you are interested in discovering other Positive Music artists, check out, download their free Posi Radio music streaming app and plan to attend the festival next year!


Check out photos from the Feb 2017 tour below!

Photos above from various photographers on Facebook!


We also kicked off our new free Wed. evening series called “Spiritual Summit” at Trinity Center for Spiritual Living the first week of March with a concert, chat and interview between the wonderful Victoria Canal and I. It was a blast!

We continued the series with a workshop / talk entitled “Finding Your Role: Remembering Why You Came” last Wed., and this week, we’re celebrating my “Bearthday” with cake, snacks and a Satsang, entitled “Embracing Collective Consciousness.”   If you are in the Atlanta area, join us at 7pm (details here).


I also had the honor of speaking and sharing music at Unity North in Atlanta last Sunday, followed by a satsang style workshop which were both delightful.

Here’s a quick list of several other great events you are invited to join in:

  • Wed, Mar 15th: Weekly Spiritual Summit at Trinity Center for Spiritual Living (TCSL) Bearthday satsang. Free admission.
  • Mon, Mar 17th: drawchange Fundraiser
  • Tue, Mar 18th: Friends School of Atlanta fundraiser
  • Wed, Mar 19th & 22nd: Weekly Spiritual Summit at TCSL
  • Sun, Mar 26th: Guest speaker & music at Unity Church of the Mountains
  • Sat, Apr 1st – Tue, Apr 4th: “The Urban Mystic Retreat (Resonate Asheville Presents)” in Asheville, NC with Brian Satori Piergrossi & Dale Allen Hoffman (full details here)
  • Fri, May 5th – Sun, May 7th: Source, Intuition & Spirit Guides – A Weeend Retreat at NaMestoy Farm w/ intuitive counselor, Arlene Turner Moshe and I.
    (register here before the Early bird deadline is up)
As always, you can keep up with upcoming events at

Finally, here is a video from our new friend, Birgitta Visser, who interviewed me while on tour:

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