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Remember that amazing viral video of the beatboxing dad & his dancing baby son?

What if I told you that that dad was actually President of National Speakers Association in Atlanta?

What if I told you he is also an author who has written amazing books, spoken & performed all over the world, been on late night television shows, and is actually an incredible inspirer, motivator and teacher who can help you get more fulfilment out of life?

What if I told you this all has to do with music, vibration and frequency? Ooh!!! Would you be interested in learning more?

What if I told you about a live event where he and several other energetic speakers, including myself, will share talks, live music, guided meditations, and interactive sessions unlike anything else you’ve experienced? Would you be interested? Yes?

Then check this out and be sure to read all the way to the bottom for a special discount code for the event!

The Set Your Tone Summit is a one-day transformative event with energetic speakers, live music, guided meditations, sound healing, and interactive sessions unlike anything else you’ve experienced. The Summit is centered around the idea that we are all made of music. Our conversations, interactions, movements, and basic functioning are all based around tempo, dynamics, rhythms, and patterns — i.e. MUSIC. It’s the thread that ties us together, the core of our human existence, and the key to understanding ourselves and our lives in an infinitely deeper way.

This event is produced by non other than the amazing beatboxing dad himself, Bronkar Lee. His unique background includes touring as a circus ringmaster, appearing on NBC’s Tonight Show, and beatboxing with his son in a video that received over 125 million views. His presentations use live music to draw parallels on improving communication, collaboration and creativity. Check out this featured article of Bronkar Lee and his son Elijah by ABC news on how they “drop the beat.” 

Here are some of his other performances:

His incredible steal drum playing…

He & I performing together at Unity North In Atlanta…

At the Set Your Tone Summit, Bronkar will share how to tap into more of your power through your voice and how to put your energetic signature on life by using “recombinant innovation.”  

Take a look at our other speakers who will help find your stength to consciously Set Your Tone in life:

Excited? Get ready to be moved and empowered on October 6, 2018 here at Atlanta GA. Register now here using my special discount code JOHN50 and receive tickets for only $49!!!!!!!

See you there!

As always, check out our other upcoming events at!

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