John provides spiritual workshops for spiritual centers, churches, conferences, retreats and other events to assist adults and/or youth in recognizing purpose, exploring creativity and experiencing peace and fulfilment.  His corporate workshops with focus on behavioral science and employee engagement for major companies. Past clients include NASA, Microsoft, ESPN, SunTrust, Hilton Worldwide, Hard Rock International, Public Relations Society of America and more.

“John Stringer is both an incredibly talented musician and a powerful teacher of conscious living. Having seen him perform his music and share his message of love as a spiritual teacher, I realized that he is the pure embodiment of what he offers others; awareness of the power of love and our universal connection to one another. Each time I see John perform, I get tears in my eyes because the love that flows from him to his audience is pure and palpable. John Stringer is more than a musician and a teacher. He is beautifully enlightened human being dedicated to serving the heart of humanity.”

Staci Tye

Founder, Speaker, Writer, The Wisdom World Tour


John speaks at conferences, spiritual centers, churches, youth camps and retreats with the same intention as his spiritual workshops: to share  teachings, experiences, spiritual practices and music that assists others in aligning with their Source of true power from moment to moment.  Whether your event requires a keynote speaker, sermon, motivational talk or something else, we are available to develop the best and highest solution for all concerned.

“John Stringer is truly a master teacher.  His transcended vibration is healing in and of itself, and his words bring even further clarity and direction to those seeking higher levels of consciousness. He participated in a panel discussion for a women’s group at our church, but his insights were so profound that we welcomed him back for a congregational follow up event as the keynote speaker.  We can’t wait to have him back at our church, and I look forward to great things from this remarkable spiritual teacher.”

Rev. Ayanna Madzimoyo

Director; Worship Leader, Alkebulan Academy; Pan African Orthodox Christian Church (or PAOCC)


As a top 10 Billboard charting singer/songwriter with experience in commercial, spiritual, corporate and non-profit songwriting, John’s music has been heard on terrestrial and online radio, major television networks, movies, videos, commercials and at businesses, spiritual centers/churches, youth conferences, yoga studios, and more.  John’s purpose in singing/songwriting is to pass on the lessons that help others heal and amplify love & light.

“Here at Unity Church of Clearwater, we were thrilled to host John Stringer for our special music for worship services on June 19, and again for a Café Concert here at UCC the next evening. We have never heard a purer voice or known a purer soul. His message comes through his music with such clarity and power. Listeners of all ages and interests were drawn magnetically to his amazing presence. Kindness, gentleness, wisdom, and love emanate from John and his voice is unforgettable. If the whole world could hear John’s music, we’re convinced it would be a more luminous world! Share his music and feel the light!”

Leddy Hammock

Senior Minister, Unity of Clearwater

Personal Guidance & Healing

John has practiced energy healing and private spiritual consulting for over a decade. In one-on-one Personal Guidance Sessions, John allows divine / Source energy & higher consciousness to provide what is needed in the moment while sharing information received with others to assist in removing blocks, skewed perceptions, limited conditioned thinking and the like.  John is also co-founder of the Expanding Awareness & Intuition certification & is a B.A.R.S. (Access Consciousness) practitioner that provides private / confidential sessions when available.

“I had the privilege of doing a reading with John at a Channeling retreat he was co-teaching. I was floored and amazed by the information I received. I have been read many times by different intuitive psychics and mediums. I even do some channeling and Tarot card reading myself for others. However, this is the first time I have been read by a “collective consciousness”. John’s voice even changed and messages were delivered in a way to reveal and explain universals truths that applied to my questions and situations. The “Collective” even referred to John in the third person, making it even more evident his role in the process was to be a clear channel. Of course we discussed some of the information received and came up with some practical steps as well. But this was the first time I have gotten what I call Universal Truth guidance in a reading, and some of it changed my understanding forever! Thank you John!”

Shan Gill

Founder, Guided Ventures Group

Other Opportunities

In addition to the offerings listed above, please review those below to see if they are a fit for you and / or your organization.

Non-Profit Fundraising

From large fundraising events to more intimate house concert fundraisers, John  & Kathy Stringer work with non-profits to help amplify the message while opening hearts and encouraging supporters to give generously through music and speaking.

Share in the Abundance

Whether you are an organization or an individual who loves to share positive music and would enjoy sharing in the abundance it creates, we invite you to consider becoming a partner on John’s record label and earn 50% on digital music sales and all other partners you refer. You can also earn 10% on referred sales for all products and services on the labels site.

A Wonderful Response

We know that you care about those you serve and their experience just as much as we do. We listen to your needs and to God / Source to bring the appropriate energy and message for your event.  In doing so, the response to John’s work has been both humbling and wonderful so we’d like to share more of the testimonials with you here.

John Stringer brings it! This man brings extraordinary talent, passion, light and an attitude of joy that lifts the genre of positive, affirming music to an entirely new level. John’s music and presence is compelling and lasts within your heart and mind long after you’ve experienced him. One of my all time favorites!
David Ault

Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Senior Minister, Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

emPower Music & Arts was very excited to welcome John an Kathy Stringer to the 11th annual Posi Music Festival and Posi Awards in February. John’s charismatic and infectious zeal created fans even before he took the stage. When he did, he mesmerized an audience filled with amazing musicians and songwriters as well as fans from all around the country. John is a world class songwriter, singer and musician and has the true heart of a Posi Music artist contributing his talents to worthy causes and proactively working to create a better world.  See you next year John and Kathy!
Richard Mekdeci

President and Co-Founder, emPower Music & Arts

John Stringer’s music has consistently set us on fire! Our community responds in appreciation and awe of John’s original music. When he composed a song for us, we eventually recorded this and sing it frequently with our membership. He’s open minded and supportive and thrives in diverse settings. We love you John. Thanks for giving beauty and song to life.
Penelope Williams

Director Of Creative Arts, Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

John Stringer is a musical artist whose performance is beyond measure. John’s natural ability to embrace his audience with his powerful lyrics and heartfelt melodies was an amazing experience to witness. Throughout John’s performance, it was evident everyone in attendance was inspired and having a powerful positive shift within their consciousness. John is an engaging and dynamic musical artist and gift to all New Thought teachings. I plan to request John to perform for our congregation as often as his schedule allows.
Rev. Tony Crapolicchio

Founder & Pastor, Trinity Center for Spiritual Living

John Stringer offers soul-stirring music that inspires, motivates & awakens the listener to his or her own soul message. His music provides a space for you to remember your connection to Source & that you have everything you need to soar!
Greta Counts

Trainer, Coach & Public Speaker

John Stringer is the epitome of grace and talent. His angelic voice pours soft, pure brilliancy into the hearts and minds of his listeners. The energy John so organically emits encompasses a subtle voice of soft, gentle wisdom one may only find rooted in the very depths of the soul, where reality meets divinity and creativity converges with consciousness.
Mary Allison

Event organizer, author & artist

John Stringer is pure heart. He brings an amazing energy and passion to all of his performances with powerful songs, dynamic vocals and engaging stage presence. Combine this with a humbleness and grace that is completely authentic and sincere, and you have an outstanding performer that really knows how to connect with his audiences. He is the real deal! Love this guy!
Asha Lightbearer

PosiRock Music Artist & Personal Empowerment Guide / Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist

Tell Us What You Need

Contact  today to tell us what you need and John’s wife/manager, Kathy, and he will coordinate with you to ensure the best possible outcome.
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