Align. Allow. Let Go. Meditations Digital CD


Download your digital copy of the “Align. Allow. Let Go.” Meditations album, featuring spiritual technology in the form of guided meditations that assist you in aligning with Source / God / Spirit / Genius from moment to moment. The album features a nearly 8-minute “Alignment Meditation” and a 35-minute “Aligned Inquiry Meditation,” guided by John Stringer.

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Alignment Meditation (7.5 minutes)
Aligned Inquiry Meditation (35 minutes)

More about the CD:
This album contains guided meditations (spiritual technology) that assist you in aligning with Source / God / Spirit / Genius, expand your awareness, and remind you of your oneness, perfection, and power to access your knowing.

The nearly 8-minute “Alignment Meditation” guided meditation is the core meditation that John received in 2007 as a spiritual technology that can be used moment to moment to align with Source.

The 35-minute Aligned Inquiry guided meditation expands upon the Alignment meditation by guiding you to inquire of Spirit, of Source, to hear what is yours to know and do regarding anything you desire to know.  As you use this practice more and more, the knowing flows.


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