Power of Love & #blacklivesmatter


Creative Director


Sandi Hulon

Executive Producer

Kathy Stringer

Executive Producer, Words & Music

John Stringer


First, THANK YOU to everyone involved in this project and sharing it with so many!

The “Power of Love & #blacklivesmatter” video premiered on June 19, 2020 and is based on a work I received/wrote in 2015.  The new video features Rev. Dr. Michael B. Beckwith, Louis Gossett, Jr; Rev. Bishop Barbara L. King, Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson, Sister Dr. Jenna, Rev. David Alexander, Rev. Bishop Jack Bomar, Mama Jan, Rev. Deborah Johnson, V (formerly Eve Ensler), J Ivy, Jill Colucci & many more (see the full list in the more information section below)!



As the world continues to endure the cycles of suffering caused by separation & disregard for life, we released “Power of Love & #blacklivesmatter” video to inspire LOVE, COMPASSION, HEALING and UNITY while specifically focusing on a critical issue in our human family: how to create more LOVING regard for BLACK LIVES.

Our sincere thanks to the ancestors for bringing this work through and Source / Spirit / God for inspiring, connecting and moving us all to unite and honor this part of who we are!



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Read Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last book, the prolific 1967 work, Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?. Purchase it here: https://king-center-bookstore.myshopify.com/

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Executive Producer, Words, & Music – John Stringer

Executive Producer – Kathy Stringer

Producer – Sandi Hulon

Creative Director – Shannon Kropf Creative

Audio Producer – Dave Kropf


Names/Titles, in order of appearance:

John Stringer 

Teacher, Healer, Singer, Author


Kathy Stringer

Wife, Mother, Healing Arts Management


Piper Dellums
Producer, Writer, Speaker, Author, Therapist, Advocate


Officer Craig – Indianapolis 


Rev. Elaine M. Whitefeather
Director Oppression Lens Advocacy, A Community For Peace


Lady Dolly Hunt
Activist, Advocate, Writer, Motivational Speaker, ACFP

J Ivy
American Performance Poet, Spoken Word Artist


Rev. David Alexander
Spiritual Leader of Spiritual Living Center Atlanta


Rev. Bishop Dr. Barbara L. King
Founder of Hillside International Truth Center, Inc


Susana A. Alfonso, MD, MHCM
Chief Medical Officer and Associate Professor 


Barbara Allen-Pearson
“Mama” of 3 and “Mimi” of 8”


Rev. Dr. Michael B. Beckwith
Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center


Jill Colucci
Chart Topping, Award Winning, Multi-Platinum Songwriter


Louis Gossett Jr.
Actor, Author, Humanitarian, and Founder of Eracism Foundation


John Gates
US Army Vietnam Veteran 


Pato Banton
Reggae Singer and Toaster from Birmingham, England


Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson
Spiritual Leader at Christ Church Unity (CCU) 


Sister Dr. Jenna
America Meditating Radio & Director Meditation Museum 


Rev. Diane Dougherty, ARCWP
Roman Catholic Woman Priest


“Mama Jan” Smith
Grammy nominated Producer & Vocal Coach


Jolie Butts
College Student


Alexander Garlinger
A Community For Peace

Ade Anifowose
Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Mindset Coach


Keith Watson
Husband, Father, CEO


Jack L. Bomar, Executive Bishop
 Hillside International Truth Center


V (formerly Eve Ensler)
V-Day and One Billion Rising


Rev Deborah L Johnson
Inner Light Ministries


Ariana Douthitt
Student Spokesperson 


Johnny Stringer
Son, Brother, Born Juneteenth

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