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Join us for the 16th Annual Posi Awards where our video has been nominated for a POSI Video award!

Kathy Stringer and I are so pleased to announce that the video we co-produced for my spoken word peice, “The Power of Love & #blacklivesmatter”, has been nominated for an emPower Positive Music POSI Award. We are grateful for the part so many played by lending their powerful voices and energy to the creation of this video and are so grateful that the video made it to the finals.

We invite you to watch the 16th Annual Virtual POSI Awards with us on the emPower Music Facebook page streaming live on Friday, Sept. 24th @ 7pm ET.

We hope you are able to join us for an uplifting night of positive music!

John & Kathy Stringer

Video Info:
“Power of Love & #blacklivesmatter” Official Music Video – by John Stringer


Be blessed!

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