Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Lover, Author.

Now more than ever, when the world seems chaotic and influx, is the time to ground and nourish ourselves with rich resources that feed the mind and speak to the heart of truth.

I want to share this FREE life-enhancing Magazine with you. Simran is a dear friend who has been freely sharing this beautiful publication for the last decade. Let this fill your heart and soul. Read it, you will be glad you did; And, share it with others so that we empower our world. Access 11:11 Magazine here  and find more issues at

The current issue is themed ‘ONE WORLD’ I’m excited to be included, along with other amazing individuals. You will be impacted by the richness of this publication…. and astounded by its example of celebration of spirit.

11:11 is symbolic of the four levels of being: mental – emotional – physical – spiritual. It represents the areas we are here to grow and balance to bridge our human self and highest expression that are Truth – Growth – Energy – Wisdom – Unification. 11:11 Magazine approaches each of these levels with grace and ease, allowing us to become one with the pages as our souls meander through its remembering.

Enjoy this delicious gift… and find yourself within it!

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