It has been some time since I’ve shared teachings I receive and I’m honored to share this message of love and light with you today.

The love that we all seek is already here. We are simply getting clear enough to see it. We are simply letting go of conditioned thinking skewed perception that has convinced us we are limited in some way, that we are less than perfect, that we are somehow flawed and unable to be what we came to be. this is the undoing that needs to occur in order to let go of the suffering in order to experience the bliss that is already here for you your birthright. Saying yes to your birthright saying yes to the life you came to live is the beginning of realizing who you are. Remembering who you are Saying yes to the divine , to love to god, to spirit to the all powerful, all knowing universal source is the very beginning of expanding your awareness beyond the limited , skewed perception you have been entangled in. Yes.

Enjoy this song from my new solo album, “Limitless Love & Light,” to go with the message above:

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