FIRST: instructions

Before U Pay

When you scroll below to hit the Donate button, you’ll see a popup (shown on the side) and it will allow you to either A.) pay with Paypal  or  B.)  use a debit or credit card. Simply choose which option works best for you!

SECOND: THE OPPORTUNITY FOR Limitless Love Financial

BNB Formula Course

With 12 of us going in together on this course, plus Paypal transaction fees to collect the money in one account to make the purchase, we’ll each contribute $85.93 each for the reg. priced $1,997 course.  We’ll actually get the course for a total of $997 (plus 3% + $0.30 transaction fee per each contribution) based on the webinar attendee offer I received.  Please pay by Wed, Oct 16, 1PM Eastern as I intend to send the log-in credentials to everyone by 2pm Eastern that same day.  Use the button below to pay:



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