It can be a challenge to stay in an aligned state from moment to moment when you are distracted by meaning you assign to what occurs in front of your eyes or in your awareness. When this meaning isn’t aligned with how God / Love / the Divine sees what is, then you begin to suffer.

You actually create this suffering yourself through creating meaning that is not true.

At the heart of the problem is understanding you have created what is apart from God’s understanding. That understanding you have created is actually meaningless, but your belief gives it power to create the suffering you endure.

All that is required to let go of the suffering is to surrender to God / Source and ask His Holy Spirt – your highest self – to assist you in understanding clearly.   Ask, listen and you will hear the answer you need. 

“God’s spirit will not misdirect you. His spirit will guide you to peace.”


Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Lover.

This is what I’ve practiced some time now and it has helped me get through the toughest periods of suffering I have miscreated.

I invite you to join me in surrendering to Source – that which you are an extension of – to listen to His voice, through His spirit – your highest self – and be healed. God’s spirit will not misdirect you. His spirit will guide you to peace.

I’m headed to Bali for some sacred time remembering who I am.  If you’d like to support my trip (and work), you can here.  Thanks in advance!

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