Hello, my friend!  

We had a powerful Big Glow retreat over the New Year and spent time with Michael Singer at The Temple of the Universe!  Here’s a great video that captures the moment(s):

We have many more upcoming events listed on the Tour page!  Here are some highlights:



Our next Big Glow retreat is late April and we’d love you to join us! Click here for more details and registration!



Join MasterMomentMakers.com founders, John Stringer & Arlene Moshe, for a meditative session where we will take you through simple, relaxing meditations that will help you tap into the limitless power you have to choose how you navigate and create your experiences from moment to moment!


What You’ll Learn

  • Gain more insights to the ‘Clair’abilities you have beyond the one you think is most dominant
  • Experience relaxing into being fully in the now and saying yes to what is in that moment.
  • Expand your awareness further into the oneness, perfection and power of life.


Sign up and you’ll also receive the replay! Just go HERE:


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