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Clear Intentions

Whether clarifying your goals/intentions or making a decision, the spiritual guidance you’ll receive will help you get clear on what you really want.


If you’re ready to shift your relationships, receiving specific spiritual guidance to help you deepen your spiritual relationship is an important step.

Stress Management

Guidance Sessions often assist you in experiencing relaxation  at a deeper level, identifying & releasing limiting patterns, and in offering practices you can use any time.


If you’re seeking purpose and direction in your career, the spiritual guidance you receive will empower you to know what’s important and what your next steps are.



Helping You Experience Your Oneness, Perfection & Power Through Higher Consciousness

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Need Higher Level Guidance?

Sometimes, we need a helping hand in connecting with Source / God / the Holy Spirit. It’s not that we are unable, but we often need help letting go of what is blocking that connection, and need help in understanding how to ask, seek, knock, and how to listen. This is an opportunity to receive that guidance and direction – spiritual counseling, if you will, in a way that is in alignment with the teachings of Yeshua ben Yosef who said “you can do these things and greater” yes. We will listen to that powerful guidance and bring through whatever the Spirit that teaches all things is seeking for you to remember.

Whether you’re seeking assistance in relationships, career, health, setting goals, relieving stress, finding peace & clarity, or just finding out what you need to know, a personal guidance session with John Stringer can assist you in accessing higher levels of consciousness to receive the answers you’re seeking. John has assisted people all over the world through alignment with Source / God / Spirit to channel higher consciousness, and he’s here to help you remember & experience your Oneness, Perfection & Power through Alignment with Source.

What Is A Personal Guidance Session?

What happens during a session?

During your personal guidance session, you’ll join John on a remote online call (via video or audio) and you’ll be guided through a brief meditation after which you can either ask questions or just listen for what it’s time to remember.  John explains how the session will go at the onset of the call and seamlessly transitions into channeling higher knowing from Source to provide what you are ready for.

What is the modality used?

There are multiple modalities used during a session ranging from bringing forth guidance from Spirit through what some would call “channeling” to interpreting images received from Spirit.  The word “channeling” has a certain stigma to it for various reasons.  However, John channels through aligning with Source / God, the Father / Spirit and accessing the information best & highest for all concerned to relay. This form of communication is similar to what the Bible indicated Jesus (Yeshua) did when he said “The word that you hear is not My own, but it is from the Father who sent Me…” (John 14:24) and when he told his followers the essence / breath of God (Spirit) would teach them “all things” ( John 14:26)  and they could go on to do what he did.. and greater things.

Do you need to prepare questions ahead of time?

You are welcome to prepare questions ahead of time but it is not a requirement.  We can either see what comes up in the moment for you or you can ask your specific questions. Either is acceptable… and if you do prepare in advance, know that other topics may also be addressed.


“I had the privilege of doing a reading with John at a Channeling retreat he was co-teaching. I was floored and amazed by the information I received. I have been read many times by different intuitive psychics and mediums. I even do some channeling and Tarot card reading myself for others. However, this is the first time I have been read by a “collective consciousness”. John’s voice even changed and messages were delivered in a way to reveal and explain universals truths that applied to my questions and situations. The “Collective” even referred to John in the third person, making it even more evident his role in the process was to be a clear channel. Of course we discussed some of the information received and came up with some practical steps as well. But this was the first time I have gotten what I call Universal Truth guidance in a reading, and some of it changed my understanding forever! Thank you John!”

Shannon GIll, Guided Ventures Group.

“In a session with John you will be amazed at the clarity you can receive in answers to your questions by his channeling. Take your list of your deepest questions with you and be prepared to be deeply moved. John will assist you with unconditional love. And if you get a chance to attend a concert – don’t miss it. He has a beautiful, healing voice also. You will not be disappointed!!”

Jerry Woods, Founder/CEO, School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences

“I had a remote session with John. I was a little hesitant to have it remote instead of in person but found that it was very powerful! I had the wonderful experience of raising my vibration in communion with John and then the feeling of alignment. After listening to the session a few days later, I was able to achieve that same alignment! Thank you, John”

Jami Donaldson, Birmingham, AL

How Do I know If A Guidance Session is Right For Me?

If you are seeking to connect with your inner knowing and seeking guidance and clarity, then a Guidance Session is for you.  You will be guided to align with Source / God / Spirit in a practical yet transcendent way that you will feel and experience through your own choice to remember.

What do I need to do before the session?

You’ll receive instructions as soon as you book your session with a link for the video platform we use to conduct the session. This also allows us to send you a recording of the session within 2 – 3 business days of its conclusion.

Do I have to prepare questions before hand?

You can prepare questions before hand if you like, but it is not a requirement. You will be prompted to ask questions and if you do not have any at the time, John will bring through exactly what is best and highest to address.

What if I book and need to reschedule?

If you book a session and need to reschedule, you can do so as long as you are giving at least 18 hrs notice via the email instructions you receive after scheduling a session.  In cases of emergency where there is less than 18 hrs notice, you’ll need to contact us directly to reschedule.

How long will my session last?

Each session’s time is dependent on what’s best and highest and you always have the option to go until the 50 minutes concludes. However, in some cases, we may exceed the listed time or even come just a little under the listed time (e.g. in cases where you received everything you needed a couple of minutes early and you are satisfied).  In each case, know that you’ll receive what is best and highest for all concerned.

How will I access my session recording?

You will receive your 50 minute session recording via email 2 to 3 business days after the session has concluded.  You’ll be able to play the video online or download the session.

Approach: Alignment with Source

The key to our transcending suffering is simply alignment with Source from moment to moment.  It is the same as what Christians refer to as to “Be Still & Know,” the same as what Yeshua / Jesus was quoted to have said when he said “If you hold to my teachings, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

During our guidance session, my approach is to align with Source / God / Spirit to let the words I am instructed to speak flow through and address whatever questions and concerns you may have.  Whether you choose a free 20 minute client discovery session or a full 50 minute personal guidance session, if you apply what you receive, you will experience your life unfolding in a more fulfilled way – one defined by the release of suffering & the expereince of dynamic bliss.  I look forward to remembering with you.

– John Stringer

How It Works

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Show Up

Show up at the time of your session with questions prepared or an open mind to receive whatever Source / God / Spirit / The Universe / Your Guides are ready to present. 

Review & Apply

You’ll receive a recorded video of your 50 minute session to review & apply what’s been received.  Listen again at least once to ensure you implement & practice what’s shared.

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