• May 8, 2019
    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Come and learn about the soul constellation healing our families, our ancestors and the workplace. Zulu nation in Africa gave us this great gift. Discover for yourself the orders of love, your life can begin to change.” – Dr. Mark Armstrong

Join life teacher/healer/singer/author, John Stringer, at TCLS for a special Spiritual Summit workshop with Guest Speaker, Dr. Mark Armstrong, who will facilitate Soul Constellation.

“I was introduced to Dr. Mark Armstrong as the doctor for Bishop Dr. Barbara King (Hillside International Truth Center) by my dear friend, Life Coach Ade, when I was ready to release various allergies. I’d seen doctors for months and had blood tests showing pages of allergies. Traditional medicine couldn’t figure out what was going on and I was at the point where I could count on one hand what I could eat without an allergic reaction.  So, after a wonderful sacred plant medicine ceremony where I was told Dr. Mark could help me if I wasn’t ready to release during the ceremony, I made an appointment.  The first appointment, I cried at the beautiful release Dr. Mark helped facilitate and he facilitated several modalities that helped me further.  The next day, I tested refined sugar without a reaction.  Dr. Mark explained my willingness to follow what he advised and the work I had done prior had all helped me balance and heal and I have recommended him several times.

When I learned about the Soul Constellation work he was doing, I went to a workshop and was in awe of the powerful healing that took place.  I’ve invited Dr. Mark to present it at Soul Summit so others can experience the beauty of this powerful workshop & technology.” – John Stringer

Soul Constellation recognizes that trauma unaddressed remains alive in the entire family throughout generations.  The Soul Constellation will guide you through releasing trauma, fear and neglect.

Soul Constellation can help you improve relationships with:

  • Ancestors
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Family Relationships
  • Spousal Relationships
  • Business Relationships

For a more in-depth look at Soul Constellations, check out this article on Newearth.Media.

Doors at 6:45PM.  We begin promptly at 7PM!

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Venue Website:

1095 Zonolite Rd NE, #100, Atlanta, Georgia, 30306, United States


1095 Zonolite Rd NE #100
Atlanta, GA 30306