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  • December 29, 2018 - January 1, 2019
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

After an amazing start to the New Year last year, we invite you to join us for our 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve Retreat Dec 29 – Jan 1, outside sunny Gainesville Florida, on a 108 Acre Wildlife Refuge, with miles of hiking trails, we will bring in New Year’s as a community, and a family, with:

  • Yoga (bring a mat)
  • Discussion circles
  • Breathwork
  • Jam Sessions
  • Musical performances
  • Toning
  • Meditation
  • Kirtan
  • Nature Walks
  • Channeling / Intuitive readings
  • Experiential exercises
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Healthy & Yummy Vegetarian Meals Eaten in Community
  • Setting intentions
  • Visioning Circles
  • and more…

… 3 additional group coaching sessions throughout the year to stay aligned with our highest intentions….

… A talk & Q&A session at Temple of The Universe with New York Times best-selling author Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, at The Surrender Experiment

… and most importantly: US!

It’s small group of friends laughing together, singing together, dancing together, creating projects together, and exploring the deepest questions of life together that raise the vibration of the collective and summon a greater love into being.

We’ll be in a simplistic, rustic minimalist living environment where the beauty of nature, community, and connection is the focal point externally to amplify oneness, perfection and power internally.

Check out some of the moments from our last retreat:

Full Schedule Below (subject to change) …

**Special 10% discount for all former Big Glow Retreaters!
Contact Brian Piergrossi Author, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher thebigglow@gmail.com for your special Big Glow Retreaters discount or with any other questions.

Price is all inclusive: (Entire retreat, all meals & all lodging and all fun included)



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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!



L.I. Indianapolis, IN
"The Big Glow retreat experience is a living symphony composed of various heart opening movements or phases. Each movement is grounded in the expressed intention of the group, and galvanized through presence, into the effortless unfolding of each magical now. Every individual works as one aspect of the whole and simultaneously co-creates, witnesses, and participates in the full expression of each movement as it arises. As the group collectively travels through, and reflects upon each movement, it gains a deeper awareness of itself, and transforms into something completely new."
S.K. Sacramento, CA
"I have attended multiple Big Glow retreats with Brian, and in each, I experienced co-creating an intentional, spiritual community with other participants, deep connections with others, and new insights into my own being. The retreat environment calls forth and nurtures my highest self, helps me release negatives and ideas of self-limitation, embrace my potential, and find new wellsprings of joy inside myself."
Shan Gill Atlanta, GA
"I had the privilege of doing a reading with John at a Channeling retreat he was co-teaching. I was floored and amazed by the information I received. I have been read many times by different intuitive psychics and mediums. I even do some channeling and Tarot card reading myself for others. However, this is the first time I have been read by a “collective consciousness”. John’s voice even changed and messages were delivered in a way to reveal and explain universals truths that applied to my questions and situations. The 'Collective' even referred to John in the third person, making it even more evident his role in the process was to be a clear channel. Of course we discussed some of the information received and came up with some practical steps as well. But this was the first time I have gotten what I call Universal Truth guidance in a reading, and some of it changed my understanding forever! Thank you John!"


“I know from years of experience, there is something so valuable about getting away and joining others in coming into alignment with your own authenticity. The Big Glow retreats are a unique, wonderful weekend of insight, connection and enlightenment as an experiential answer to life’s deeper questions. The intention of these unique retreats is to come together with others on a path of living more consciously, with greater self-awareness, and open-heartedness, in every aspect of our lives for greater well-being in oneself and the world at large.”  – Brian Piergrossi (author & Founder of The Big Glow)

A supportive, inspiring, intimate space of natural beauty is provided to come together as a community with others to transform ourselves, our future and our world, in a positive way.

These retreats are a weekend long, unique, evolving exploration, experiential exercise, and inquiry into what it means to live fully, present and alive to each moment, ever more deeply moving into the vast power of this Now, free from the burdens and anxieties of past and future.

Brian, Annie, John & Kathy & Shana will be facilitating events during the retreat. There will be smaller group circles each day as well.

The Big Glow Retreat is a co-creative experience. It is a group experiment in awakening to the conscious potential of each moment… An opportunity to relax and open up to a deeper level of authenticity, clarity, purpose and connection. All communal meals are vegetarian cuisine, with vegan, gluten free and raw food options.

Participants share music, dance, yoga, hiking, bodywork, and stimulating, heartfelt, intimate conversation with new friends and old.

There is plenty of solitary space for silent contemplation and meditation, as well as a weekend filled with many unexpected miracles and inspirational moments.

This relaxed, rejuvenating, intimate retreat will have space available 20 participants so space is very limited. Reserve immediately and take advantage of early bird special to assure your spot.

Come ready and open to share your unique gifts and wisdom and receive the gifts of others on the path. Come with the intention to create one of the most incredible weekends of your life!

Space is very limited. Register above to reserve your spot!




Sat, Dec 29, 2018 | 2PM - 10PM

2pm - Check in

3:00pm - Opening circle

6:00pm - Community Dinner

7:00pm - Small Group Circles

8:30pm - Group Event

*This agenda is subject to change at any time due to the truth of the moment


Sun, Dec 30, 2018 | 8AM - 10PM

8.00am - Morning Meditation   

8:15am - Breakfast

9:30am  - Sunday Service with a talk by Mickey Singer at Temple of the Universe

11:15am - Private Q&A with Mickey Singer at Temple of the Universe

12.45pm - Community Lunch at Retreat Center

1.30pm - Group Event

3pm - Free time (time to relax, sleep, walk, hike etc.. OPTIONAL - one on one Coaching Sessions with Brian or Channeling Sessions w/ John both at a discounted rate)

5:00pm Group Event

6:30pm - Community Dinner

7:30pm - Small Group Circles

8:30pm - Group Event

*This agenda is subject to change at any time due to the truth of the moment


Mon, Dec 31, 2018 | 8 AM until

8:00am - Yoga w/ Annie (bring your matt)

9.00am - Breakfast

10:00am - Group Event

12.00pm - Community Lunch at Retreat Center

1.00pm - Group Event

2:30 - Free time (time to relax, sleep, walk, hike etc :OPTIONAL - one on one Coaching Sessions with Brian or One on One Channeling Sessions w/ John both at a discounted rate )

4:00pm - Group Event

5:30pm - Small Group Circles

6:30pm - Community Dinner

7:30pm - Group Event

10:00pm Big Glow Community 2018 New Year’s Ceremony: Meditation / Intentions / Toning / Music

*This agenda is subject to change at any time due to the truth of the moment


Tue, Jan 1, 2019 | 9 AM to 1pm

9:00am - Yoga w/ Annie (bring your matt)

9:30am -  Breakfast

10:00am - Mindfulness Walk

10:30 am - Big Glowing Closing Circle & Group Hug Take it forward ..... )

12:30pm - Communal Lunch

**Must be packed up and off property by 1:30pm

*This agenda is subject to change at any time due to the truth of the moment



Brian Piergrossi  -Author & Founder of The Big Glow
Brian Piergrossi is the Author of The Big Glow and The Wow of the Now, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher At the age of 20 years old, Brian was suddenly struck by a mysterious, debilitating illness, later labeled chronic fatigue syndrome, that lasted for years, leaving him in intense, daily, physical pain and too weak to effectively function in society. When no medical or other authority figure could explain the suffering that was happening to him, Brian made it his life commitment to inquire into human suffering. What began was over 11 years of committed, serious inquiry, study and personal application into the fields of spirituality, religion, psychology, sociology, cosmology, ecology, health, arts, science, yoga, as well as the core of the enlightenment and self-realization teachings. After leading a quiet, simple life for over a decade, Brian felt a passionate calling to share his straight forward, timeless, spiritual truths for the 21st Century in a modern context with those who are ready and interested. Since that time, Brian has dedicated himself full time, professionally, and privately, to supporting the path of transformation, spiritual liberation and Self-Realization in individuals, families and communities around the world. His highly acclaimed books and the viral internet sensation ‘Love is the New Religion/Spiritual Conspiracy’ continue to inspire new readers worldwide. He works one on one, by phone, Skype, and in person with influential personal life coaching clients from around the world of all walks of life. He leads transformative Big Glow retreats, classes and workshops internationally. Brian has shared his message as a featured guest on numerous radio and television programs. He has lectured at colleges, schools, festivals, expos and conferences. His online writings are shared to thousands of readers worldwide each day. He is a professor at Entheos Online Academy He’s written cutting-edge articles for spiritual magazines. With the unrelenting sole intention of educating and facilitating the awakening of consciousness and creating the New Earth inside individuals and communities around the world, Brian Piergrossi is an emerging voice of the integration of awakened spirituality, peak performance and human potential in the 21st Century for a growing population around the world. “When the pillars of my limited mind collapsed, the roof caved in and I could take in the beauty of the stars.” -Brian Piergrossi

Annie Marie – Yoga Instructor, Journeywoman
Annie has over 200 hours of training with Anusara yoga. She also has extensive study in Iyengar, Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga. She is a certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner and certified Reiki Master. She has taught yoga in classes and retreats around the world for over 14 years. Annie’s mission is to live a life fueled by love, purpose, truth and courage. She believes that anything is possible. Her intention is to create an environment where everyone can move freely, have fun, feel good, and experience the infinitude of possibilities within themselves. Annie’s humble guidance points her students to the wisdom & strength they already posses. Choosing to live in many different parts of the world throughout her life has given her a breadth of understanding of the common ties that bind us all.� More at: http://yougoddessyou.com

John Stringer – Life Teacher, Healer, Billboard charting singer, Author
John Stringer is a life teacher, speaker, billboard charting singer-songwriter, healer, and author with a passion for music, community, expansion and limitless love and light. He currently serves as Co-Founder of MasterMomentMakers.com; Founder of PolyPlat Records; Partner at The Flight Foundation, Inc, and a True Collaboration leader at BandingPeopleTogether.com.

He began channeling with his wife, Kathy Stringer, in 2008, using the practice daily for their own personal guidance and eventually sharing guidance anonymously on a now non-existent website for a few years. When Kathy and John first asked the name of the collective consciousness (or guides) he initially channeled, the simple reply was: “I am Reality and I am Love. Yes. My name is less important than your focus on what I bring.” Over time, the guides helped him realize how to align with Source so that he channels from his Higher Self / Divine intelligence.  John aligns to speak publicly, write music & lyrics; serve others in group, remote & one-on-one channeling sessions; and write content for his websites and books that share the teachings he continues to receive.

He travels extensively, speaking and playing at concerts, workshops, spiritual centers, churches, conferences, retreats and festivals while sharing his uplifting and healing music and message through songs from his debut solo album, “Limitless Love & Light,” his follow up album, “Moment to Moment,” and channeled teachings found in his new book, The Abundance Vibration: A Guide to Alignment. For upcoming events, books, audios, videos and online courses, visit his website:www.johnstringerinc.com

Kathy Stringer – Entrepreneur, Channel
Kathy Stringer has spent the last 20+ years of her life focused on combining her desire to support and help artists succeed in their chosen career path with her love of music and her inner knowing that the power of music can assist all in creating the life of their dreams. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Music Management from Ga State University in 1998 and has expressed her passions through various roles, including: artist management, as Conference Manager for the Atlantis Music Conference, as a member of the Board of Governors for the Recording Academy Atlanta Chapter, as VP of Management Division for PolyPlat Records, producing retreats & events and many other outlets.

In 2015 she began co-managing and booking her husband, John Stringer, as he traveled extensively speaking and playing at concerts, colleges/universities, workshops, spiritual centers, churches, conferences, retreats and festivals while sharing his uplifting and healing music and message through songs from his debut solo album, “Limitless Love & Light;” his follow up album, “Moment to Moment;” and channeled teachings found in his new book, The Abundance Vibration: A Guide to Alignment. Currently she and John own and operate Healing Arts Management where they represent Billboard charting, award-winning, platinum-selling musicians, authors and speakers who are raising the vibration of the world with their passion and message. They also plan and produce many transformative retreats together, including the Conscious Songwriting Retreat which allows conscious & positive music songwriters to come together to inspire each other and co-create songs through tapping into their inner genius.

Michael Singer – Spiritual Teacher, Author[/author_info] Michael A. Singer has been a spiritual teacher for more than four decades and has written two books: the #1 New York Times bestseller The Untethered Soul and the New York Times bestseller The Surrender Experiment. He is also the creator of a leading-edge software package that transformed the medical practice management industry, and founding CEO of a billion-dollar public company whose achievements are archived in the Smithsonian Institution. While working on his doctorate in economics in 1971, Michael experienced a deep inner awakening and went into seclusion, focusing on yoga and meditation. In 1975, he founded the yoga and meditation center known as Temple of the Universe, where people have come together to practice and study ever since. In addition to his work as a spiritual teacher, Michael has made major contributions in the areas of business, education, health care, and environmental protection. More info at:  https://untetheredsoul.com/michael-singer