Great FREE tools to move beyond New Years Resolutions!


Did you make any New Years resolutions this year? Are you still on track toward keeping those resolutions?

Resolutions are really DECISIONS to ACHIEVE something, so if you aren’t DOING something to achieve your decisions, no better time to start than NOW.  Even better, lets move beyond New Years resolutions:

“What if you could enter the new year with a set of fresh tools, actionable strategies, and key relationship-building skills that would transform the quality of your life, business, and relationships?

Take a moment to envision the end of 2009.

Did you have a powerful, focused year that made a huge contribution to you and everyone you know?

Or did a year slip by with you being unfocused, unfulfilled and at the mercy of the environment?

These are challenging times that require us to summon a whole new vision of leadership from deep within — a vision that has the power to create passion, inspiration and focus for everyone whom we touch.”

The excerpt above is from a newsletter from iconic motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, introducing a free set of tools that will help you clearly envision what you want your life to be and spell out the other practical steps to achieve that life in 2009:

Now, I have to admit, I was never really a Tony Robbins fan until watching an amazing video presentation at TED where he discussed the motivating forces behind people’s actions.  His explanation was so clear and insightful, that I joined his newsletter – something I only do when I believe someone offers true value.  These clear and insightful FREE tools are the kind of true value that will help you grow into the life you truly desire.

NOTE:  I get nothing but satisfaction from sharing this with you and hope it is as helpful to you as it has been to me.


Child Malnutrition’s Good News: Plumpy’nut and the like

MSF Treating & Preventing Child Malnutrition

MSF Treating & Preventing Child Malnutrition

This really is a post about good news, but first…

Child Malnutrition is one of the first 3 crisis profiled on the Top 10 Humanitarian Crisis list for 2008 released by MSF (Doctors Without Borders). As the MSF site explains:

“The World Health Organization estimates there are 178 million children that are malnourished across the globe, and at any given moment, 20 million suffering from the most severe form of malnutrition. Malnutrition contributes to between 3.5 and 5 million annual deaths of children under 5 years of age.”

The good news is that according to MSF’s recent press release siting a study published yesterday (Jan. 21, 2009) in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), our world appears to be making progress in not only treating, but preventing malnutrition in OUR poorest countries!  As the JAMA study reports, “children in rural Niger who received ready-to-use food in addition to their normal diet were nearly 60 percent less likely to progress to the most life-threatening form of malnutrition than children whose diets were not supplemented.”

One such low-cost, nutrient-dense ready-to-use food solution seeing great results for Doctors Without Borders is Plumpy’nut:


I love what the Dr. Milton Tectonidis goes on to say regarding what the US Government can do to help preven childhood malnutrition:

“What we want is some small portioin of the Global Food Aid Budget in America to be shifted into higher value added products – these type of specific products that are targeted at the malnutrition in young children. If we can get that whole movement going, it will happen much faster.”

I know we can all donate on the MSF / Doctors With Borders website which is a great way to help and I’m also curious if any readers know how to get involved in this movement to get the US Government behind these value added products (assuming someone has already started it)?  Are orginizations like already making this a part of their agenda?  I would love to hear your comments?

How Music Can Save the world: One child at a time

I had the great pleasure of performing for children at Inner Harbour last week and I was so impressed with the facility and the work they do that I wrote about it on my band blog  here.   Take a look and see how Inner Harbour, along with other orginizations, are using music to help children heal!