Science Sundays: Issue #1 – Making A Super Goo Colloid

First off, check out this funny introduction to Science Sunday. Someone couldn’t remember who they were… then, scroll down to check out the first experiment:


Now, welcome to the first edition of Science Sunday with John H. Stringer IV & V.  In this issue we introduce you to Super Goo – a colloid made from corn starch and water.  Follow along and try this at home!

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Following Inspiration: Why I left a great job to create my life

Following Inspiration: Why I left a great job to create my life

I’ve spent close to the last 4 years working at an SEO / Digital Marketing agency and I loved the experience, the people, the clients and all the wonderful lessons I learned there.  As I mention in the video above, I resigned on Friday, Jan 23, 2015 (last day Jan 30) because I was inspired / guided to pursue an expanded vision for my life… all with no immediate “guaranteed” income in sight and a family of four to support.

How did this happen?

It’s all (life) lead to this, but some recent events stick out.  A few months ago, I sat down to re-evaluate the most important categories of my life and put them in priority order.  As a result, my first priority category was Personal development (knowing and loving God/Source, Self, & others, etc.). The second, Family (immediate and beyond).  Third was Music, followed by Marketing in fourth place and Business in fifth.  I realized the only category I was giving priority to in the order I made was personal development.  Business (e.g. making a living) seemed to eclipse everything else even though it was the last priority. In fact, I was spending 60+ hours per week working but was lucky to get 20 hours of quality family time each week.

On Jan 22, 2015, I asked my good friend, Ade, to hold a vision of me freeing my time. He encouraged me to re-phrase that as seeing myself Financially Free to use my time as I see fit, which I did. The very next day, I got to resign from my day job.

Although the day I resigned was a surprise to both my wife and I, we knew the day would one day come… just not so soon.  See, we frequently use meditation and prayer to get guidance in our lives and we’d asked several times about my role at my job.  We got that I would be there for a time to help “bridge the gap” and would eventually leave.  We asked if we could have replacement funds for my salary in place (e.g. BEFORE leaving) and got “yes.”  So, the day I called my wife to let her know I was getting to resign, she was understandably concerned b/c neither of us could see the replacement revenue.  As she noted, this seemed like a change in plans.  We’ve received guidance before that seemed to change later on (though not exactly like this situation), so I figured something happened to make it necessary for me to leave earlier.  Of course, I kept checking to make sure this was “best” and  I’d get the same answer to resign that day each time.  So, my wife agreed to trust w/ me and I got off the phone and resigned.

What I was later reminded of is that what we see with our eyes isn’t always what’s actually happening in that moment.  If life / Source /  God (the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent) / spirit / LOVE gives us a clear message to go one way and tells us we will be blessed, we can trust that going that way will lead to our blessings whether we see how or not.

So, I took the leap and 6 days in, things are unfolding beautifully.

The agency gave me an extra week to be “available for questions” remotely and asked to be one of my first clients.  We’ll continue to work together where the need arises while I pursue my priorities. I’m grateful for that.

What am I up to now?

As I mentioned, I’m continuing to invest in the four priority categories. For Family, I’ve been blessed to spend more quality time with my wife and children.  My son, Johnny, and I launched a new Youtube series called Science Sundays.  The first episode goes live Sunday, February 8th at 11:11 am.

Through meditation and whatever I find works, I’m aligning with source / God / spirit / love moment to moment, knowing that I can trust the very power that created and maintains the universe to lead me to what’s best.  As a result, I received inspired action and follow through to support ventures that fit the categories, including:

  1. Launching a boutique digital marketing consultancy.   I’m already serving clients as a digital marketing architect who helps design plans around SEO & Inbound Marketing.  I’m also grateful to have a new Marketing Evaluation specialist on the team, as well as amazing SEO resources, including the agency I worked for, EverSpark Interactive.
  2. I’m working on my first solo album and will release it on a new record label platform that will be part of (in some way) the label I founded with State of Man, PolyPlat Records.  I’ve dreamed of creating a label where both the fans and artists were the owners, so now’s its time to make it a reality.
  3. A virtual community surrounding the forthcoming platform and reporting apps.  The focus of the platform will be providing A+ Revenue, Opportunities, Development, Education & Services (R.O.D.E.S.) to performing artists.
  4. Developing sustainable luxury communities / “neighborhoods” with cottage industries (Music, Organic farming, etc.). I first got inspired to go this new direction 3 years ago but kept getting it wasn’t time to fully pursue just yet.  Now, I’ll put my energies into this as guided!

I know my journey will continue to be financially abundant and fulfilling spiritually, mentally and physically b/c I’ve learned how to “seek the kingdom within” and continue expanding on that.  The most important part of life is the internal. The external follows to match it. So, if I’m “in the flow,” creating internal abundance, the external follows!

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My Birthday show this March 8, 2013 at Vinyl in Atlanta, GA

Join me this Friday, March 8, 2013 at Vinyl for my BIRTHDAY SHOW and return to the rock stage!  It’s been a long time, and I’m excited to play at Vinyl  for an ALL AGES show that starts at 6:30PM.

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I’ll know my set time closer to the event and plan to perform solo acoustic/electric,  but I may have some special friend join me as well, so sign up f0r my mailing list at and I’ll keep you posted on set time, etc.!

I look forward to seeing you there,

John Stringer
Limitless Love & Light”



State of Man, Making of “Swallow Your Fears” Video – Never Before Seen

We (State of Man) filmed our first music video with the amazing Adam Bush (R.I.P.) and our friends from Face2Face MEG some time ago, but due to Face2Face defaulting on their part of the music video deal, we never got to see the final footage…. until now!

One thing couldn’t help but notice while watching this is how much I’ve changed (for the better, IMHO), but it’s still nice to look back on those fun days.  Enjoy:

State of Man, making of “Swallow Your Fears” Part 1

State of Man, making of “Swallow Your Fears” Part 2


Low-cost Indie Artists Plan for Live show CD sales reporting to Soundscan

Not long ago, we ( launched a new “Pay Per Report” pricing plan for independent touring artists that allows live performance artists to sign up for Venue Sales Reporting (live show CD Sales reporting) to Soundscan for only $33 a year and $5 per report. Its great for artist with only a few shows lined up each month but they want to ensure they are reporting their sales.

Of course, for busier artists, we still have the monthly and annual plans (greatest overall savings).

Check it out here:

A year in a life without refined sugar – Day 8

A year in a life without refined sugar – Day 8

Here’s what I ate on 3/8/12:


2 large grape fruits, one orange + Green Tea (no sweetener)


2 fish tacos, chips and salsa at California pizza kitchen (business meeting lunch)

Snack 1

John Stringer's 03/08/12 Dinner

Tilapia, hummus, couscous, salad, organic veggie chips and salsa (thanks to my awesome wife who always makes yummy, healthy dinners)
Diet Plan

Pescetarian lunch and evening + raw fruit breakfast




day off (following 4-hour body weight gain routine)


Had a lot of energy all day up until after lunch.  Not sure what was in the fish tacos, chips or salsa, but it made me very sleepy.
Not to self: don’t order that again.