Happy New Year & upcoming January events!

Happy New Year & upcoming January events!

Hello, my friend!  

We had a powerful Big Glow retreat over the New Year and spent time with Michael Singer at The Temple of the Universe!  Here’s a great video that captures the moment(s):

We have many more upcoming events listed on the Tour page!  Here are some highlights:



Our next Big Glow retreat is late April and we’d love you to join us! Click here for more details and registration!



Join MasterMomentMakers.com founders, John Stringer & Arlene Moshe, for a meditative session where we will take you through simple, relaxing meditations that will help you tap into the limitless power you have to choose how you navigate and create your experiences from moment to moment!


What You’ll Learn

  • Gain more insights to the ‘Clair’abilities you have beyond the one you think is most dominant
  • Experience relaxing into being fully in the now and saying yes to what is in that moment.
  • Expand your awareness further into the oneness, perfection and power of life.


Sign up and you’ll also receive the replay! Just go HERE:


So much good, so much love, so much abundance

So much good, so much love, so much abundance

I’m so grateful for all the good that is showing up in our lives. Granted, you can find talk of all the so called “bad,” but what I’m learning is what you choose to see is what you will see.  I choose to see love, I choose to see the divine, I choose to see with the eyes of God / source, through my Father’s blessings and vision he has blessed us with.

I’m grateful to share these gifts through music, teachings and whatever other ways I’m lead and if you are so lead, I invite you to find your connection to this divine love. Let it guide and lead you to where you need to be. Let it help you see through the eyes of love versus anger, judgment and separation.

I give thanks to the spirit the Father has sent us for the ability it gives us to align with that which is here now – limitless love and light – that which we are!

If you’d like to shift your perspective and take on the natural perspective of the divine, I invite you to join The Abundance Vibration Course and explore all the free practices it shares.  You can find out more here or by clicking the banner below.



Orlando, Tour, Upcoming Big Glow Retreat & Music

Orlando, Tour, Upcoming Big Glow Retreat & Music

Just got back from an incredible mini-tour with Kathy, Johnny and I (our daughter, Jolie, was visiting NY with her father, Jeff) and it was such a blessing.

We’ll be heading out again soon, but I wanted to give you a few updates and invite you to join us where you are able.

First, if you are interested in joining Kathy and I (along with co-host, Brian Peirgrossi and a bunch of our friends) for our 3-day, all inclusive Big Glow: Limitless Love & Light Retreat (Sep. 10 – 12, 2016) to spend some quality time together in a North Georgia mansion, you’ll want to check out details here (or here if you don’t use Facebook).  We’ll have food, music, breathwork, yoga and an abundance of love & light to enjoy!
It’s filling up quickly, so register ASAP if so lead!

Second, we so enjoyed being with you all who joined us in our Florida stops (Orlando, Clearwater, St. Johns, Jacksonville, St Augustine and beyond)!  It was truly a time of coming together in a powerful, loving and healing way and I’m so grateful to all of you who we got to spend time with.  Thank you for being there and allowing us to serve!

Third, here’s a video I shared on Facebook with an overview of what’s going on (and an invitation to bliss):

Finally, make sure to download my last 3 albums with my former band (State of Man / JaD) at https://www.reverbnation.com/johnstringer/albums/ for free as a gift for joining my online community.   Just click here and visit the above link to download the music.

Love & Light to you all!

Several great events coming up at end of April into May

Several great events coming up at end of April into May

We had an incredible time during our Florida, Georgia, Tennessee tour.

Here’s a quick video recap about that and some of the upcoming events –  including 4/24 Trinity Center for Spiritual Living service  followed by The Big Glow Concert & Workshop, and the 4/26 Power of Peace Project Fundraiser (Hope is the New Dope Tour)… see the full list below the video:

  • Trinity Center for Spiritual Living service (4/24) –  I always love providing music for the TCSL service both due to Rev. Tony‘s always practical and inspiring message and due to the loving community there. Come join us | https://www.reverbnation.com/show/18727477
  • The Big Glow: Concert & Workshop in Atlanta (4/24) – Get ready to experience a deeply moving workshop and concert with my dear friends, Brian and Staci, as you explore your divine purpose with us through workshops and music | https://www.facebook.com/events/1743730175840183/
  • The Power Of Peace Project Fundraiser / Hope is The New Dope Tour – this is a special fundraiser where you can help my soul brother, Kit Cummings, continue assisting at-risk youth facing heroine addiction, suicide and bullying in finding liberation.  His work in high schools and prisons throughout the world is helping youth and adults alike find peace! | https://www.facebook.com/events/861144477346421/Power of Peace Project Presents (3)
  • R.A.C.E. Revelry (4/30) – this is another great fundraiser to celebrate and help at-risk youth facing heroine addiction.  I was invited by my dear friend, Pam Brooks-Crump, so I know from hear beautiful heart that anything she’s a part of is worth supporting | https://www.facebook.com/events/1697456160513317/


  • Posi Music Circle at Life University (5/7) – if you caught the last concert in Atlanta  w/ Bob Sima, Michael Burke and I, then you know it was moving event and standing room only.  This one is going to be just as powerful and unique given Bob and I will be joined by two exceptional women – Christie Lenée and Amy Steinberg – for a songwriter-in-the-round style concert.  Get tickets quickly for this one | http://bit.ly/pmca4
  • The Big Glow Retreat: Live Your Truth & Change the World (5/28) – imagine a 3 day all-inclusive spiritual retreat in a beautiful North Georgia mansion converted into a retreat center with my dear friends and I co-creating a divinely loving experience that includes human connection, spiritual growth, healthy food & music.  This is a chance for us to grow deeper together so I’d love to see you there.  Plus, your ticket purchase to the retreat gets you into the Asheville or Atlanta Big Glow Workshop & Concert free! |  https://www.facebook.com/events/207197166319280/


  • Stolen PA & Music Equipment Replacement Fundraiser (live) – My wife was inspired to launch this GoFundMe to help replace my PA & music equipment someone took when they stole our second vehicle. Fortunately, both vehicles were recovered by the police and repaired by our insurance company (thanks, GIECO).  Although the police didn’t recover my equipment, we know this is just another avenue to receive and give.  Thank you in advance for anything you’re lead to contribute!


Finally, please Join my newsletter here to stay up to date on other upcoming events!


John Stringer 2016 Birthday concert w/ Victoria Canal and more!

John Stringer 2016 Birthday concert w/ Victoria Canal and more!

Join me (John Stringer) for my annual 2016 Birthday Concert on March 11, 2016 at 7:30PM – online or at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta – with Billboard charting artist Victoria Canal, Jesse Owen Astin and Astarius Miraculii.  My actual birthday is 3/15 but we’re celebrating early!  Part of the proceeds will go to SERV International to help feed families around the world.


You can still get VIP tickets that include a special Meet & Greet before the show, but hurry because they are going fast!

Get tickets and full details here.  Out of town and can’t make the show?  Watch online and donate here.

Also, I’ve been in bed healing (caught something on my trip) and resting up from an amazing week last week with back to back trips to Philadelphia for a meeting, then to Orlando, FL for a conference where the BandingPeopleTogether.com team and I spoke to the amazing Bentley Mills leaders regarding performance improvement, collaboration and employee engagement, and finally ending my trip at the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE)’s Regional Discernment Retreat where I was honored to serve as Musician in Residence and share music with FTE leaders from all around the country.


FTE Staff (crazy shot, lol)


Discernment Worship Team

All the FTE Leaders

All the FTE Leaders

I met so many special people and I can’t say enough about how awesome each experience was.  It truly showed me how surrender and trusting the divine / life / God / Source to lead and use you is a powerful and liberating way to live.

On that note, I was also recommended a wonderful book I read on my trip called “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer. It’s an extremely encouraging and inspiring book that I highly recommend reading:

As always, if you haven’t picked up a copy of my debut solo album, check out the physical and digital options here.

Love & Light!

Joining the Unity East-Side Church in Tallahassee on Feb 07, 2016

Joining the Unity East-Side Church in Tallahassee on Feb 07, 2016

For all our friends in Tallahassee, FL, we’ll be returning to join new friends at the Unity East-Side Tallahassee Spiritual Center for their 10:30am service on Feb 07, 2016.

We’ll also offer a free Limitless Love & Light workshop at 12pm (immediately following the service), so we hope you can join us.


Also, many thanks to Rev. Ayana Pines and everyone who attended the last workshop we held in Atlanta, GA at the Shrine of the Black Madonna.  It was well received and I had a great time sharing teachings, music and spiritual practices that have helped me better align with the divine / source. Here’s a testimonial from Shrine workshop attendee Ken Smith:

Finally, if you are interested in learning how to “Share in the Abundance” generated by the new album, “Limitless Love & Light,” and the workshops or other related services, click here to see how you can raise finances while helping raise consciousnesses.

For additional workshop / speaking / concert dates, check the tour page here.