Alignment Vlog – Episode 1 – Best Now Ever!

Alignment Vlog – Episode 1 – Best Now Ever!

John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Author

Today, I’d like to share my recent journal entry with you via Episode 1 of my new Alignment Vlog (text below):

Through alignment, I journal in the morning answering the following three questions/statements I picked up from author, Tim Ferris: 

I am grateful for…,”
What would make today great…,” and
I AM…” 

I invite you to align with the frequency of these statements to experience what’s there.

I am grateful for: The ability to choose differently that which best and highest for all concerned. The power that I already have and all I have already created – it is all mine now because I am the essence of it all. There is nothing I lack and there is nothing I can not experience for I am limitless in my power to experience from this point of awareness and expand.

I am already having it all, choosing it all, creating it all and I am simply expanding my awareness into the depths of my power, the limitlessness of my being, and the interconnectedness of my abilities. Yes. All of it is mine. All of it is me playing out the divine play. For my enjoyment. Yes.

The tragedy is an illusion just as the victory is. I choose which to enjoy without resistance and with complete acceptance. I accept it all as mine today. And so it is.


What would make today great? Staying in the now and knowing that it is all unfolding exactly as it should be and that I am creating it all for my enjoyment because I choose to enjoy it / accept it all and feel the bliss instead of resist. Yes. And so it is.


I AM: the essence of all that is and I choose now to be that which I am here to be: the perfect extension of the divine oneness unfolding at the perfect timing and realizing exactly what needs to be realized, when it needs to be realized in the flow of the unfolding becuase I choose so. And so it is.

This is the best now ever. Because I make it so. I choose for it to be so.

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