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Feel Like It’s Time to Deepen Your Alignment with Source & Want to Help Others Do the Same?

Bring life teacher, healer, author, singer-songwriter, John Stringer to your home for a donation-based “house concert” style Alignment Method Workshop to help you and your friends/family experience alignment with Source and the unique Alignment Codes that best help you address whatever shift your soul is ready to make!

This house workshop will include live music, channeling, Q&A, and the Alignment Codes Process.  What’s also great is there is no cost to you other than whatever snacks, etc. you’d like to provide for John and your guests.  You can read more about the process to the right and then apply below by filling out our form to book a workshop in your home.

What Is The Alignment Codes Process?

Experience Alignment with Source

The Alignment Codes Process begins with the Alignment Meditation, a meditation that helps you directly align with the essence of who you are – the Source – and experience expanded awareness!


Identify the issue(s) you are ready to address

From the expanded awareness you experience through alignment, you’ll proceed to identify what issue(s) Source is seeking to address in the way of blocks, limits and/or fears: the specific issues you are ready to shift NOW.


Reveal your unique Alignment Codes

You’ll then go through the Alignment Codes Process to identify the unique codes that best help you experience the frequencies Source is seeking to express as you right then and there.  The process further helps you integrate those frequencies in powerful ways and you’ll feel the shift.


Experience #InstantManifestation & Fulfilment

As a result of integrating the frequencies, you’ll experience the instant manifestation Source is seeking as you for a fuller realization of dynamic bliss.  You may be surprised at the power of this simple process as we and others have been… and at the least, if you trust the process, you will tap into the power you’ve always had in new ways.

How Do I know If This Is a Good Fit For Me?

If you’re  at all drawn to hosting one of these donation based style workshops in your home, we’ve put together a few questions and answers to help you assess whether this is good fit for you. Check out the FAQ section to the right and see if everything sounds reasonable.  If so, use the form below to let us know what you have in mind and we’ll get back in touch with you shortly.

What locations are you seeking?

If you’ve received a specific email explaining what areas we’re currently looking to book dates for, please reference that email and let us know whether your location is in the area(s) we mention. Otherwise,  simply let us know where you would like to host the workshop and we’ll see what dates may work to come to your home.

How big does my "house" need to be to host this event?

Much like house concerts, we can stage an Alignment Method house workshop in living rooms, backyards, and on back patios; in small houses, big houses, condos, and apartments; at a yoga studio, in a photography studio, and at a local theater. The point is that the “house” can be any space you have access to where a nice group of your friends/family can gather, sit, and enjoy an experiential event.

How many guests do I need to plan for?

To create the best possible scenario for a successful event, we ask that you have a minimum of 10-20 adults in attendance. There are two reasons : 1) Fewer than 10 doesn’t create the level of amplification we’re seeking to collectively experience; and 2) In our donation-based workshop model, 10 or more adults contributing to donations and purchasing merchandise is what begins making it a financially viable night. Making sure there is a minimum of 10 people there usually means that the host will need to invite a good deal more than 20. Please note that the typical scenario seems to be that about half of those invited tend to actually come to the event.

*If you aren’t sure you’ll be able to get 10 adults to come on your own, you might “co-host” the event with a friend who also has a group of people to invite, and increase your overall attendance.

** If your space can hold more people and you want to have more, then great, the more the merrier. If you have an idea for something bigger, we can most likely do it and we’re eager to hear what you have in mind.

Is this for adults only?

Yes. Because the workshop has a lot of quiet parts to meditate and focus, and because it’s essential that we are able to create and maintain an uninterrupted focus on the content for the whole workshop, we ask that there be no kids in attendance during the event. That said, if it’s that rare kid who can sit silently and listen to instruction for an uninterrupted hour, like a little grown-up, that’s okay. Every child is different, but we’ve found that age 10 generally seems to be a rough line dividing those able to display good workshop etiquette from those who may end up causing a distraction. If you’re in doubt, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Having someone create a disturbance mid-event can significantly affect everyone’s experience, which can in turn significantly affect the overall experience. We love kids and have our own. We just want to ensure the best experience for everyone involved. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation with this detail!

* If you have kids or you have friends who want to come but must bring their kids in order to attend, you could certainly have someone watch them. This could be a babysitter or a parent willing to volunteer for the duty, and they should take the kids to another room in the house – a place that is sonically isolated from the workshop space – and keep them there for the entirety of the workshop portion of the event. This works great, and of course the kids are more than welcome to hang out with everyone before and after the workshop!

** Also, if you think you’ll have some sitting-quietly-and-listening kids in attendance, we’ve still found that a minimum number of 10 adults is what makes for a viable event, so make sure to count the kiddos as “extras” when putting together your guest list.

What's the best way to invite my friends/family?
The language we’ll send you to use in the invitations will read something like this:

“This will be a donation based workshop. Please come prepared to make a donation to the facilitator at the end of the event.”

We do not specify a suggested donation amount for the house workshops. The reasons for this are twofold: from what we’ve seen, we do better financially at events like this where people can donate what they are moved to in the moment, without any previous expectations. Perhaps more importantly, if you have a friend who is cash-conscious-poor but is ready to shift, it’s important to us that they be able to experience the evening without feeling any pressure or limitations. While it is true that this is how we support the work we do, connecting with people and helping them experience their shifts are the most important things.

*Occasionally we have hosts who prefer not to ask their guests for donations and prefer instead to pay an up-front guarantee for the workshop. Either way is fine, and we’ve done both ways. If this approach interests you, please let us know, and we’ll discuss the fee structure for scheduling a non-donation event.

Are there any other things to know about the invitation?

You may want to let your guests know you’ll have drinks and snacks for them if that will be the case, or perhaps you’d like to ask everyone to bring a little something to share potluck style. This is entirely up to you, and is not a requirement for hosting a workshop. We’ve also discovered that when guests are asked to RSVP, there is a much better turnout rate as opposed to a “come by if you can” approach. We suggest a service like e-vite that requires RSVPs (even if you use something like Facebook events… simply add the e-vite link to the Facebook event for official RSVPs).

How It Works

Fill Out the Application

Simply fill out the Alignment Method House Workshop booking request form and provide all the relevant information. Once we’ve reviewed your information, we’ll do our best to find a date that works for us or let you know we’ll keep you in mind for a future tour.


Hosting Guide & Call

Once we’ve contacted you to let you know we’re able to book the event at your home, we’ll send you a hosting guide that explains how the event will flow and spells out your role during the workshop.  We’ll also set up a call to go over logistics and any questions you might have.

Host the Event

Hosting the event is as simple as opening your home to your invited guests and following the tips we provide on the call. If you have spare room for John to prepare in before the workshop and even spedn the night in after the event, that works, too. Expect for an enlightening experience.

Ready to Book Your House Workshop?

Simply use the form below to submit your House Workshop Request and we’ll review your information and get back to you as soon as possible.



As soon as we have a date or a list of possible dates selected for your house workshop, we’ll get back in touch to let you know what those are. If the date looks good to you, then we’ll book and confirm your house workshop! Once you submit the request above, look forward to hearing from us shortly!


Still Have Questions?

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