An Invitation To Hear

20 OCTOBER, 2016 SpiritualityLifeSanity It can be a challenge to stay in an aligned state from moment to moment when you are distracted by meaning you assign to what occurs in front of your eyes or in your awareness. When this meaning isn't aligned with how God / Love...

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Freedom From Insanity

You Are Here To Reclaim Your Sanity04 OCTOBER, 2016Spirituality Life Sanity Insanity is anything that tells you all is not well: the voices in your head, conditioned thinking, skewed perspectives that tell you something is wrong. Giving them belief gives them power...

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“Oneness Through Diversity”

I was blessed to ask for what was seeking to be birthed for my 07.17.16 talk at Unity of the Triangle and was inspired to write this text for the talk (see  text & video below). If you'd like to review another talk of a similar nature, be sure to also see my talk,...

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Orlando, Tour, Upcoming Big Glow Retreat & Music

Just got back from an incredible mini-tour with Kathy, Johnny and I (our daughter, Jolie, was visiting NY with her father, Jeff) and it was such a blessing. We'll be heading out again soon, but I wanted to give you a few updates and invite you to join us where you are...

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The Path of True Selfishness

I received a paragraph of information when "checking in" - asking a question and listening for the answer - a little while back, and soon after, I received inspiration for the title of my recent talk / shared message at Unity of Birmingham.   The title is "The...

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