Gmail Trouble. Workaround & “What does Gmail’s ‘502 Server Error’ page mean”?

Have you seen the Gmail “502 Server Error” page?  Today, at around 4:20PM EST, I saw it for the first time and it basically means the server is overloaded – check back later.  Are you having trouble accessing email.  Gmail is well aware of it, as you can see from the latest blog post on the problem.

This is a first for me but I’m sure its not the only time its ever happened to Gmail.

After 15 minutes of checking,  I began to wonder if in the future I should use less email fwd accounts and more hosted accounts, given I’m at Gmails mercy.

Good news is I’m having success using as a workaround.

Looking forward to service being restored soon!

The truth about US CD sales, Soundscan and the independent artist.

Although most of us are all too familiar with the plight of the major label CD sales business model, the truth is, CD sales remains a viable source of revenue for performing independent, DIY and unsigned artists.  That trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down iether.

Unfortunately, the majority of these sales go unreported to Soundscan, but we’ve put out a free report to not only shed light on this issue, but to assist independent artists with leveraging ALL their sales:

FREE report on Soundscan and the independent Artist

Enjoy and be sure to post your comments regarding this FREE report.

What does the business convention, Stompernet Live 8, and Barack Obama have in common?

Q: What does Barack Obama and Stompernet Live 8 have in common?
: David Bullock

After speaking to David Bullock at Stompernet Live 8, I was inspired by his story,  good fortune and book.

If, like me, you marveled at the cutting-edge marketing prowess of the Obama 08′ Presidential campaign last year, then you might appreciate Bullock’s  Barack Obama’s Social Media Lessons For Business.”   As explains, the book:

Outlines the multichannel marketing sequence used by the Obama campaign to win the 2008 Presidential Election. Video, audio, microblogging, blogging and user generated content are a few of the business applications examined in this guidebook.

I’m glad someone actually documented the campaign step by step to create a case study that will serve as “the definitive reference for the use of social media as it applies to effective business promotion” for some time.

Avoid two pitfalls most artists never overcome

John Stringer performing with State of ManThey key to becoming a better singer/songwriter, performing artist is GROWTH.
Grow for the better in every area you can.

Here are two quick resources I became an affiliate of because they helped me overcome two very common artist pitfalls – not growing as a songwriter and not growing as a singer:

1. The Songwriting Genius Within You
Simply put, one of the best writing resources I’ve found that goes beyond simple song structure and a lot of the basic tips you find in other songwriting courses.  This is about little-known techniques that help you tap into true Genius and the science behind it.   You also get a great discount from the author of this remarkable resource by clicking here.

2. Singing Success
Vocal coach to the stars (Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Haley Williams  & more)  and creator of Singing Success, an amazingly effective vocal training program you can download online, Brett Manning will help you improve your voice and gain a full octave – Guaranteed!  I’ve written about this resource many times because I use it and it works.  Click here to see for yourself.


So how do you “Swallow Your Fears,” anyway?

The last few months have been beautiful AND challenging in so many ways for me – financially, emotionally, etc.. The challenging part has been in all good ways b/c the situations in my life forced me to face FEARS I am still “swallowing” and learn to trust at a greater level. The truth is, we all live the meaning behind the song, “Swallow Your Fears,” so I’ll share what I do to swallow mine.

Whenever you find yourself fearful or just feeling unsure of how things are going to work in your life, try looking at your situation differently by telling yourself “I am exactly where I need to be in this period of FAITH building. It is ALL good!” Sounds simple, but if you are familiar with this sort of practice, then you know how effective it can be.

Sometimes we see our fears, weaknesses or lack of faith as if something is “wrong” with us, but I was reminded today that if we were perfect in the ways we often think of perfection, how could we ever experience growth and victory; the thrill of expanding our faith, consciousness, alignment, awereness and presence;
the beauty of learning and gaining insight – experiencing”aha” moments; how could we enjoy discovering truth and the excitement of co-creating and overcoming if we were already perfect in the ways we sometimes view perfection?

And yet, we are perfect in the way the greatest mind of all – the Source of all life – has determined perfection to be: we are an incomplete, everexpanding, PERFECT state of being experiencing our human existance!

We are perfect in every way we need to be, exactly where we need to be to experience what will lead us to alignment with God/Source!

It is up to us to seek alignment with Source to FULLY experience what our ever expanding perfection offers! Call it “drawing nigh to God,” “seeking first the kingdom of God,” or whatever you like, but finding the practices that put you in touch with the one Source is key to experiencing the “abundant” life available to us.

Just remember that it is not so much about what/which practices you use – to align with God/Source, to “Swallow Your Fears” – as it is important for you to SEEK and FIND practices that work for you!