Recieved this Congratulations from The Recording Academy’s President/CEO

I just read this in my email and I must say, its interesting news for recording artists! Probably not so great for Radio, though.

“Dear Recording Academy Member:

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee considered our major legislative initiative, The Performance Rights Act. As I’ve written to you many times before, the bill closes the “corporate radio loophole” and makes terrestrial radio play by the same rules as Internet and satellite radio by compensating the performers of the music they play.

It’s been a long road to get here, with many Academy members testifying before Congress, flying to Washington to lobby, and sending literally thousands of emails. Last week, we asked Academy members from the states of key Senators to weigh in with their support. Hundreds of you did, and your voices were heard loud and clear–the Committee voted to APPROVE the measure.

With May’s successful House Judiciary vote behind us, today’s vote was the final committee action before the bill can be considered by the full Congress. While there is much work left to get final passage, today’s historic vote marks the most significant progress on a nearly 80 year quest for performance rights for artists. Congratulations on this important victory and a special thank you to the Recording Academy members who called their Senators in the past week.

Kind regards,
Neil Portnow
The Recording Academy”

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. ” – Johann Von Goethe

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. ” – Johann Von Goethe

I got this quote today after having a late night of dealing with buried emotions from my past in a very productive and somewhat intuitive way. Thankfully, I resolved these emotions and saw the incident they were tied to in a whole new light. But this happened only because I was willing to ask for a better understanding. In fact, I asked “if we are put in circumstances for our best and highest development, then why did this happen?”

It took a lot of stilling my mind and letting go of urges to seek some external re-source for the answer for me to just be still and allow the answer to come. Finally, I began to see how this incident had caused a clear chain of events in my life that taught me valuable lessons that are paramount to my continued growth today. Relaying the whole situation from then and now to my wife, I even realized that the whole “story line” that I could clearly see now was much like some amazing movie script. lol My “hidden” resentment disappeared last night, thanks to taking the time to still myself and allow my “God-given emotional guidance system” to teach, and I am now grateful for the whole situation. What a change!

This sort of change can for anyone regarding anything from your past, so if you’d like to know the full process I used, join my new “Spiritual Practice” email list by visiting¬†

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. And you will keep doing what you’ve always done if you keep thinking what you’ve always thought.” Larry Wilson

Print your own barcode.

Ever needed to print barcodes from your own computer? If you are in a band, you probably have. Yeah, you may not be able to scan the resulting barcode in a retail store, but its great if you are printing your own CDs and selling them at shows. Here’s a list of fonts that will make sure your barcode for your CD’s UPC comes out right:

“Just Ask” from Daily Gratitude list

Received another great email from Wes Hopper’s Daily Gratitude list entitled “Just Ask.” Its relays something that if tested, you will find to be true, amazing as it seems.

” ‘Isn’t it strange how much we know
if we only ask ourselves instead of
somebody else?”
Richard Bach

There are many wonderful things we
can learn from our teachers and
mentors, and one of those things
is to not depend on teachers!

A good teacher will introduce you
to the person who has all the best
answers for you – you!

How do you get the answers? Just
like any other conversation – ask the
question and then shut up and listen.

The shutting up part may take some
practice because our mind likes to
chatter away, but if ignored it will
quiet down.

And you need it quiet, because your
answers don’t come from your mind,
they come from your heart.

Research at the Institute of Heart Math
has shown that the heart is the strongest
electric field generator in the body, and
the heart actually has a well developed
structure of neurons just like the brain.

Yes, your heart does have a mind of its
own. There’s some scientific truth
behind the metaphysical teachings.

Get quiet, ask your questions, listen,
repeat as necessary. The heart’s
language is feelings, and ideas. You’ll
know them when they come. Take
them and act on them.

Trusting yourself creates miracles!


PS – This is another of the important
lessons that Hannah learns from her
personal genie in “As You Wish.” You
will love this gem of a book!

Get the info here:”

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