Bon Iver & James Blake – just now “discovering” and enjoying both

Ever find out about a new artist and can’t get enough of them?  That happened to me recently when my friend at Everspark Interactive, Aaron Chapman, skyped me a recommendation to check out Bon Iver (where “Iver” is pronounced “ee-v-ay-er”  and rhymes with “Slayer”).   I took one listen and I was hooked, which lead to discovering another great artist: James Blake.

One BI track that nearly brought me to tears is “Holocene”

I dug deeper in the Bon Iver catalogue on Spotify and discovered I was already familiar with “Skinny love” and “Lost in the World,” the latter a track from Kanye West featuring Bon Iver:

“Skinny love”

“Lost in the Woods”

I like the Kanye track a lot and found a similar BI release called “Fall Creek Boys Choir“, that moved me AND  introduced me to James Blake who’s featured on the track:

Check out James Blake’s performance of “Retrograde” on the Dave Letterman show:

the official “Retrograde” video:

and this Cochella performance of “Air & Lack thereof“:

I’ve added several of the Bon Iver tracks to my playlist called “Jams I’m listening to” on Spotify, so if you like the tracks above and want to explore some of my personal favorites, check it out and follow for updates.

Of course, if you have some recommendations for me, please leave them as comments so I can check them out!

My Birthday show this March 8, 2013 at Vinyl in Atlanta, GA

Join me this Friday, March 8, 2013 at Vinyl for my BIRTHDAY SHOW and return to the rock stage!  It’s been a long time, and I’m excited to play at Vinyl  for an ALL AGES show that starts at 6:30PM.

Advanced tickets online are only $8 right now for the next 10 DAYS ONLY using the EARLY PURCHASE PROMO CODES below…. thats $3.00 OFF Online Tickets price of $11 (27% discount) and $7 OFF the door price of $15 (47% discount).
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To purchase Online Tickets: 
Buy your Tickets online at and input the Promo Code (JOHN140) during the checkout process!

This is my first solo show at a rock venue in a LONG time, so I’d truly appreaciate it if you could join me and bring any friends you think would have a great time!  Your support and help spreading the word for this show would be the best B-Day present I could receive!

I’ll know my set time closer to the event and plan to perform solo acoustic/electric,  but I may have some special friend join me as well, so sign up f0r my mailing list at and I’ll keep you posted on set time, etc.!

I look forward to seeing you there,

John Stringer
Limitless Love & Light”



“Kathy & John” Twin flames / 11:11 revelation on Life Conversations Radio

Kathy and I had a blast joining our friend Life Coach Ade on “Life Conversations Radio.”  We always have a good time with our brother, Ade, who allowed us to share more about our participation in the new book “Adventures In Manifesting: Love and Oneness!” We also enjoyed some amazing 11:11 revelations from Celeste Morgan durring the “Celestial Moment!”  Take a listen and let us know what you think:

Listen to internet radio with Life Conversations on Blog Talk Radio

State of Man, Making of “Swallow Your Fears” Video – Never Before Seen

We (State of Man) filmed our first music video with the amazing Adam Bush (R.I.P.) and our friends from Face2Face MEG some time ago, but due to Face2Face defaulting on their part of the music video deal, we never got to see the final footage…. until now!

One thing couldn’t help but notice while watching this is how much I’ve changed (for the better, IMHO), but it’s still nice to look back on those fun days.  Enjoy:

State of Man, making of “Swallow Your Fears” Part 1

State of Man, making of “Swallow Your Fears” Part 2


How to install plug-ins on sites in five easy steps

How to install plug-ins on sites in five easy steps

A good friend asked for input on how to install a WordPress plug-in on a self-hosted site, so I figured I’d put together a quick five step tutorial in video and text form below.  Enjoy:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress site and click the “Plugins” option

Once you’ve logged in to your wordpress site (typically via, you’ll see a view pretty similar to the screenshot below and you can click the “Plugins” option.
How to Install plugins on a site: Log in to WordPress and click the Plugins option

Step 2: Choose “Add New” option from the “Plugins” sub menu

Next, choose the “Add New” option from the “Plugins” sub menu
How to Install plugins on a site: Choose the "Add New" option from the "Plugins" sub menu


Step 3: Use  the “Search Plugins” field and button 

Now that you’ve made it to the “Install Plugins” page, make sure you’re on the “Search” area that looks like the screenshot below.  Then, simply type in a keyword (word, phrase, name of a plug-in, etc.) in the search field and click the “Search Plugins.”  In this example, I use wp-biography b/c that’s the plugin my friend asked me about.
How to Install plugins on a site: Enter a keyword in the search field and click  the "Search Plugins" button


Step 4: Click “Install Now” on the Plugin you want to use and confirm 

Once you’ve found the right plugin in the search results, click the “Install Now” hyperlink and WordPress will install the plug-in for you.

How to Install plugins on a site: Click "Install Now" for the Plugins you want to use and confirm


Step 5: Activate your new plugin

Finally, active your new plugin and you are set.


Keep in mind that some plugins have settings you may need to update/edit to get the results you desire, while others may work just like you want them to as soon as you activate them.  Whatever the case, if you find you don’t like a plut in, you can always deactivate and/or delete it!

Let me know below if this information was helpful to you!