Jazz Notes – Friday, April 25, 2015: West End Community Learning Center & Alkebulan Academy Fundraiser

Jazz Notes – Friday, April 25, 2015: West End Community Learning Center & Alkebulan Academy Fundraiser

John Stringer at Jazz Notes 2014

John Stringer performing with artists and children at Jazz Notes 2014

Kathy and I are excited to support Alkebulan Academy again this year for their annual fund raiser, called Jazz Notes!

I’ll be performing multiple songs with a stellar artist line up at Jazz Notes 2015 and would like to invite you to purchase a ticket to help the West End Community Learning Center raise funds for our son’s school.
When you purchase a ticket, 100% of the funds go toward the upkeep of the school, teacher salaries and special school programming.

Purchase tickets for only $21 each here.

Jazz Notes is always an amazing line up of performers and patrons typically bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy at tables while watching the show.

Our son, John Hamilton Stringer V, has attended Alkebulan Academy since he was 2 and half years old and we’ve been very pleased with their education. From class sizes to curriculum, the value of the school has been incredible.  He’s now 5 years old (turns 6 on June 19, 2015) and is already doing 2nd grade level Math and 3rd grade level reading.

A lot of love at SXSW 2015

I went to SXSW 2015 and I’m grateful for all the love witnessed there. From the companies that showed up to help artists, the artists that showed up to share their magic, to the fans that showed up because of their love of music, it was quite a great time!

I went with my biz partner, Bram, to support the LoudStage and the launch of their new LOUD app (check it out at joinloud.com).  We also went to help artists with our new indiehitmaker Android app – now available on Google Play and coming soon for iOS – along with many other new opportunities.   You can learn more about that on the IHM blog post here.

So, one of the things I asked God / Source / the Universe for before going was a chance to perform. I didn’t know how, or what would happen, but I left it up to Source to work out and… wow.. it couldn’t have happened in a cooler way!  My friend, Speech (from Arrested Development), showed up to perform on the LoudStage one night and asked me to join him before he went on stage.  It was an honor and a blast!  To top it all off, his bro, HeavenBeatbox, ripped the mic AND one of the top charting Indiehitmaker artists of all-time, J-Metro, came out and sang his tail off with us!   It was simply amazing!

Here’s a clip of just one section of Speech’s set, when he invited me to “do whatever”. Check out his response after I called out the chord progression… lol:


The two ways that following your bliss serves humanity

For those of us who are open to it, I have to go there… (close your eyes, Mom… lol).  I’m going to talk about SEX for a second.   I don’t in the video, but I will on my blog here now.  For those of us who believe you are not supposed to read or write about sex, go ahead and exit now.  You were warned! lol

Ever noticed how fulfilled you feel after SEX?  Don’t worry, the divine / God / Source gave us sex and we are certainly blessed to have it,.. and it’s OK to acknowledge it.  It’s blissful.  But why is it so taboo to even talk about in public?  I even had second thoughts about writing about it and had to “check in” to make sure it was fine.  Why is that?  Because it’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe about it. But that’s not the point I’m leading up to.

The point I’m getting at is that like sex, following our bliss leads to fulfilling psychological, mental, emotional, chemical states.  You FEEL it because you are fulfilled. You are fulfilled because you are fulfilling your heart’s desires. Those desires come from the divine.  I’m not referring to desires that harm (for those of you thinking of desires you believe will harm you or others).  I’m talking about desires that you know are from the divine … and if you don’t know, then ask the divine.

When you follow your bliss, you are full-filled.  You have an abundance that can uplift others… by your state of being.  That’s why people feel at peace or blessed by your vibe and in your presence.

You are the light of the world!  Follow your bliss and BE that!



Science Sunday: Issue #2 – Apples & Lemons, Oh My!

Science Sunday: Issue #2 – Apples & Lemons, Oh My!

Welcome to the second edition of Science Sunday, with John H. Stringer IV & V.  In this edition we learn what happens when an apple is cut open and left to sit.  We also learn about ph balance of a lemon and the enzyme inside apples that causes an interesting chemical reaction.

Apples, Rasins, Grapes & Lemons

As you’ll see in the video, after a while, a cut apple turns brown.  We learned that an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase is released and it has a chemical reaction with oxygen in the air. The reaction causes the fruit to turn brown.  We used lemon juice on the acid and oxygen reacted with the lemon first to prevent the apple from turning brown. Pretty neat, right?

If you’d like to do this same experiment, got to hometrainingtools.com. Y

You can also use our affiliate link to pick our favorite experiment book, “Awesome Experiments for Curious Kids: Electricity and Magnetism, Forces, Plants and Living Things, Heat, Materials, Light and Sound.”    We’ll use this book for a lot of our upcoming experiments, so if pick up a copy using our affiliate link, we’ll get a commission to help fund our experiments.

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Stay curious!

Science Sundays: Issue #1 – Making A Super Goo Colloid

First off, check out this funny introduction to Science Sunday. Someone couldn’t remember who they were… then, scroll down to check out the first experiment:


Now, welcome to the first edition of Science Sunday with John H. Stringer IV & V.  In this issue we introduce you to Super Goo – a colloid made from corn starch and water.  Follow along and try this at home!

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