“Limitless Love & Light” CD is mixed, mastered, designed and off to press

“Limitless Love & Light” CD is mixed, mastered, designed and off to press

Whew! Folks, my first solo CD, “Limitless Love & Light,” is finally complete!  Super producer, Rick Beato, helped complete production, mixing and mastering in record time and Ken Lanyon finished mastering the CD yesterday, so the project is now off to Disc Makers for manufacturing.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the tracks – “You Are Welcome Here,” a song I wrote about unity at the request of Penelope Williams, Creative Arts Director at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta:


I think of “You Are Welcome Here” as a song for anyone seeking to welcome love, peace and unity in their world and I’ve adopted it as a the theme song for my online community (which you can join here).

I gotta tell you… there are so many songs I’m itching to share with you from the CD. I’m like a little kid who unwrapped his Christmas gifts, so I can’t thank you all enough for supporting the Kickstarter to help make this happen!

We’ll get the physical copies just in time for the Advanced CD Release Party in Atlanta on Sunday, 10/11 (6 PM) at Trinity Center for Spiritual Living where I’ll be joined by several dear friends on stage.  If you haven’t picked up tickets / VIP packages yet, or just want more details, get them right here.





Limitless Love & Light Production at Black Dog SR Studios (Day 7)

Limitless Love & Light Production at Black Dog SR Studios (Day 7)


As you probably know by now, the Kickstarter campaign to record my 1st solo CD, “Limitless Love & Light,” went awesome, thanks to many of you supporting the efforts.  We’re already on Day 7 of production at Black Dog Sound Recording Studios and I’ve  been enjoying working with incredible producer Rick Beato (Needtobreathe, Shinedown, Crossfade, Trey Anastasio, State of Man, Stuck Mojo, Charlie Mars, Bullet For My Valentine, Dark New Day, von Grey and more) to make the entire album sound amazing!

Before I get into a little more about that though, I’ve got a very special request for the Limitless Love & Light supporters / community – it’s an opportunity to help bring more love and light to someone dear to this project.

Rick Beato shared a very sad situation with me yesterday that he and his family is going through right now and I’d like to ask you all to shower him and his family with affirming prayer, encouraging messages (reach him on his Facebook account) and whatever  love and light you can send his way.  In case anyone’s wondering, this is NOT a joke.  That’s all I’ll disclose  as I’m not sure if I’m at liberty to say more, but I do know I can ask you all for your help!

With that said, please check out this sneak peek of the production on “That’s Love” (featuring me on vox and acoustic guitar, Jesse Owen Astin & Rick Beato on electric guitars, Ade on percussion, Rick on drums, keys, bass and everything else) and a mini-tour of Black Dog Sound Recording Studios:

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Limitless Love & Light advanced CD Release party in Atlanta, Oct 11, 2015

Limitless Love & Light advanced CD Release party in Atlanta, Oct 11, 2015

Mark your calendars for the “Limitless Love & Light” advanced CD release party on Oct. 11, 2015 at Trinity Center for Spiritual Living.

I’ll be joined by several amazing musician friends to create a night of love and light that moves souls, opens hearts and frees minds, so make sure to GET TICKETS soon  – there’s less than 150 available!

We have general admission, reserved and VIP seating along with a special VIP meet and greet package for the night:
Just go here for full details and tickets!


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I’m part of so many exciting things coming  up – including this weekend’s concert with the Flying Mystics – that I want to make sure you didn’t miss this announcement:   join me for an exciting PLUG IN POWER UP day conference from 2PM – 5PM at Atlanta Unity on Oct 3 to lose your funk and find your power and prosperity.

Simply use our special Early Bird Ticket code:  PIPU09I  at www.pipunow.com and 1 Ticket admits all your friends and family!


From the site:
Realign with purpose, live with greater personal and professional passion, power and prosperity! The inspiring insights of Clive deLaporte and Katharine Pike, the motivational comedy of Debra Cole, and the empowering music of John Stringer! Plus, FREE Plug In and Power Up WORKBOOK for every event attendee. Full event info at: www.pipunow.com

It will be an afternoon of insight and inspiration for empowered living and I’m honored to provide music for the day.

See you there!

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This weekend: Swaha Prodcutions Farewell with the Flying Mystics

This weekend: Swaha Prodcutions Farewell with the Flying Mystics

John-Flying-MyticsThis Saturday, Sep. 26th at 7PM, I’m honored to play one of the final Swaha Productions events and open for the Flying Mystics, an amazing instrumental band that you’ll be no doubt blown away by if you haven’t seen them already.

Check out this great description of the group from the Facebook event:

“The Flying Mystics are an instrumental trio based out of Atlanta. the synergistic sound these three accomplished musicians create according to writer Glenn H. Mullin is “Visionary and esoteric while remaining sensually intense and spiritually powerful”.

Shamanic journey, sonic healing, higher consciousness and world music are common descriptions of the unique cultural fusion of sounds this instrumental trio creates.

Whether playing temples, festivals, cultural events, yoga studios or house concerts, Flying Mystics appeal to the spiritual roots of the world, creating music that reminds us of our mystical origins.”

If you haven’t already picked up your tickets for the show this weekend, make sure to grab them at www.swahaproductions.com.

See you there!!!

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