Several great events coming up at end of April into May

Several great events coming up at end of April into May

We had an incredible time during our Florida, Georgia, Tennessee tour.

Here’s a quick video recap about that and some of the upcoming events –  including 4/24 Trinity Center for Spiritual Living service  followed by The Big Glow Concert & Workshop, and the 4/26 Power of Peace Project Fundraiser (Hope is the New Dope Tour)… see the full list below the video:

  • Trinity Center for Spiritual Living service (4/24) –  I always love providing music for the TCSL service both due to Rev. Tony‘s always practical and inspiring message and due to the loving community there. Come join us |
  • The Big Glow: Concert & Workshop in Atlanta (4/24) – Get ready to experience a deeply moving workshop and concert with my dear friends, Brian and Staci, as you explore your divine purpose with us through workshops and music |
  • The Power Of Peace Project Fundraiser / Hope is The New Dope Tour – this is a special fundraiser where you can help my soul brother, Kit Cummings, continue assisting at-risk youth facing heroine addiction, suicide and bullying in finding liberation.  His work in high schools and prisons throughout the world is helping youth and adults alike find peace! | of Peace Project Presents (3)
  • R.A.C.E. Revelry (4/30) – this is another great fundraiser to celebrate and help at-risk youth facing heroine addiction.  I was invited by my dear friend, Pam Brooks-Crump, so I know from hear beautiful heart that anything she’s a part of is worth supporting |


  • Posi Music Circle at Life University (5/7) – if you caught the last concert in Atlanta  w/ Bob Sima, Michael Burke and I, then you know it was moving event and standing room only.  This one is going to be just as powerful and unique given Bob and I will be joined by two exceptional women – Christie Lenée and Amy Steinberg – for a songwriter-in-the-round style concert.  Get tickets quickly for this one |
  • The Big Glow Retreat: Live Your Truth & Change the World (5/28) – imagine a 3 day all-inclusive spiritual retreat in a beautiful North Georgia mansion converted into a retreat center with my dear friends and I co-creating a divinely loving experience that includes human connection, spiritual growth, healthy food & music.  This is a chance for us to grow deeper together so I’d love to see you there.  Plus, your ticket purchase to the retreat gets you into the Asheville or Atlanta Big Glow Workshop & Concert free! |


  • Stolen PA & Music Equipment Replacement Fundraiser (live) – My wife was inspired to launch this GoFundMe to help replace my PA & music equipment someone took when they stole our second vehicle. Fortunately, both vehicles were recovered by the police and repaired by our insurance company (thanks, GIECO).  Although the police didn’t recover my equipment, we know this is just another avenue to receive and give.  Thank you in advance for anything you’re lead to contribute!


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Limitless Love & Light tour: April 2016

Limitless Love & Light tour: April 2016

Hello, friends. I’m excited about what’s unfolding for this year and our new tour through April. Check out the video to hear some of the good and find out when we’ll be in your area:

You can also check out the Touring/Speaking page on this site to keep up with speaking, concert and workshop dates.

Also, check these out and we look forward to being with you soon:







Power of Peace Project Presents (3)


See you soon!

Interested in booking me for an event to speak, sing or give a workshop?  Simply send an email with details to booking @ (without the spaces) and we’ll see what we can co-create!


Limitless Love & Light!


What if there is a better way to live a fulfilled life?

What if there is a better way to live a fulfilled life?

Here is a technique you may appreciate that assists in letting go of the blocks to the divine flow:
Sometimes, living a life committed to spiritual development can be challenging when you aren’t creating the life you desire.  However, what if there was another way to fulfill your life’s purpose and live in abundance?  What if there were another way to enjoy the fruits of the law of attraction and spiritual laws that doesn’t require you to control manifestation based on your likes and dislikes?  What if there was another way to live a life of beauty and divine love and light without requiring you to suffer?
That way is complete surrender to what is now. that way is complete surrender to the divine will that is already creating everything you need in this moment. That way is letting go of your desires and realizing that the will of the divine is the ultimate fulfilment of your every desire.  That way is to ask that the divine will be done and aligning your will from moment to moment. If you can realize that nothing needs to be changed from what it is now and ask what the divine would have for your life you will see that it is far greater and much better than anything you could desire to the contrary. It takes time and patience with yourself to do this.
Yes, time is an illusion but it is what you experience in this form world and though you are not limited by it, for now, it is the route in which you can surrender to break free of the perceived limits of time and space.
By surrendering to the divine will for your life, you will experience the journey you came here to experience in a profoundly fulfilling way.  Letting go of resistance to what is is the first step. Surrender to the divine inspiration that you receive once you are no longer resisting is the next.
Align from moment to moment and let the divine guide your way. You will then understand the intelligent, loving design of life and fulfil what you came here to do, be and have.
All is well and always is. Thus, anything that is in your awareness that you resist can be accepted and you can let your resistance go so you can feel into peace, love and joy. By letting go, you can fill into all the bliss that is here for you. And so it is.
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