I recently found out about an assisted living facility in Atlanta called DogwoodForest.com.  Now, I’m not about to put my mom in an assisted living facility or anything – as she says, she’s still a “spring chicken,” so no need – but I found out about this company through my job and I gotta say I like their style.

They are one of the only facilities using something called Simple C, a non drug alternative to helping make seniors lives happier.  For example, if you have alzhimers, instead of treating you with a bunch of drugs, the staff at this unique community actually create scrap books, scan them and show them to you because science apparently shows it increases brain activity.

Dogwood forest also uses their residents favorite music and other unique behavioral tools to make seniors lives happier.   Gotta say, if I did plan to have parents in an assisted living facility, or if I ever decided to retire in an assisted living community, this would definitely be the type I’d go for… (and maybe my mom would even dig it)!


Note: the term Nursing Home seems to have a bad stigma, so I left that alone, but I guess you could consider Dogwood Forest a nursing home with happy residents and staff.

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