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In Episode 2 of the Alignment Vlog, I share a video exceprt from a recent remote personal guidance session.

You can also read an extended text excerpt below.  The previous episode is located here.

Enjoy the reminder:

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Life is a perfect expression of what you choose to create. You are the I AM. There is no problem – it’s just, are you choosing suffering when it happens… and feeling that there is something to fix. Then, you get to reinforce that belief and feel that again. And if you’d like to feel the perfection, you begin to accept what you’re creating – even the idea of suffering and that there needs to be something fixed. And you begin to observe that and feel that, and integrate with that.. and feel that there’s a beauty in that. It’s what makes the sense of identity feel real. It’s what makes this virtual reality feel like a real journey for you. You are the divine – there is only oneness, but how the hell could you, the oneness, ever experience expansion without there being limitation? It is a masterful creation. You are the masterful creator who has created this separate identity so you can expand. Yes, of course you already know who you are, but the magnificence of what you create in your mind – even the fears, even the suffering – it feels so real. How powerful that you think you are somehow separate from your good. That is power.

It’s just like going into the scary movie and deciding to be freaked out about death, right? Some people love horror flicks – we love to create suffering and there’s nothing wrong with it. We don’t… well some of us may choose to judge the horror flick lovers, but it is what it is, right? Whatever we’re creating now is what we have chosen at the highest level of knowing that is perfect. We have chosen this to unfold as it is unfolding for our good. There is nothing that is separate from our good. So even our beliefs that we are separate, even the ideas of lack and unworthiness, even the ideas of not being complete and being unfulfilled – even those creations are for our good. They allow us to feel limitation so that we can feel expansion.

We create all the contrast. All of it is perfect and for us, to show us our power so we can feel every single nuance, curve, color, shade. It is our right. It is our right to feel as worthless as we want to feel. It is our right to feel as powerful as we want to feel, as egotistical as we want to feel, as conditioned as we want to feel. Whatever we choose, it is all for us and is all the grace and the love in action expressing the freedom that we have to choose whatever it is in this moment.

Alignment just simply allows us to see it from a higher level of consciousness so that even if we’re choosing suffering, we recognize it’s not really real and that we can actually opt out any time we want. Just like we’re in the theatre watching the movie: we can get up any time we want or we can enjoy it. It’s our choice. It’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s not the enemy. It’s not even wrong.

So, practically, our reminder is simply remembering to practice when you feel like you’ve had enough of what you’re creating and remember what you’re really seeking is the fulfilment now, not later. Not “ ok, when everything lines up and I’m doing this and I’m doing more… Ok. If that’s what my mind is telling me, let me align and see what would it feel like to be doing all that. Ooh. Then I begin to feel and create the vibrations and frequencies I’m after in the now moment. I begin to fully feel that desire and amplify it.”
We’re internally creating and taking back our power realizing that our ability to create fulfillment is independent of what things look like. We begin to recognize that our true power is higher consciousness, that divine intelligence. We cannot escape the illusion of separation and problems at this level of consciousness that believes in it. You cannot escape it when you believe you are separate from your good – you can’t escape that belief at this level that believes in it. You must access higher levels of knowing that knows that’s just a belief. And the only way to do that, again, is coming back into the present, to the now, aligning with the truth, who we are: that presence, that essence. And as we do that, the expansion naturally happens and we can invite in that higher level of consciousness. It will happen anyway, but we can actively invite from our perceived lower level and ask those questions. The answers are already there waiting, seeking and unfolding. We can do it however we want. The point is, remembering that practice to take us out of the cycle of lack when we’re ready to stop creating that. And then, it brings us back into our power and we can go from there. What then happens, we no longer create out of “separation” or desperation. We begin to create from the higher level of knowing and fulfillment out of inspiration. That inspiration guides us to amplify what we’re choosing versus to try to seek some solution to try to give ourselves what we think we lack.

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