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Enjoy Episode 4 of the Alignment Vlog featuring an excerpt from a recent remote personal guidance session where we point toward who you are and what is real.

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Enjoy the reminder:


So. Let us begin with a simple lesson, a reminder if you will, of something that we have shared  in many ways, and that is everything you are experiencing in this now moment, from this point of awareness that you identify with as your “self” is simply an individuated point of awareness operating on a greater band of consciousness – an infinite band of consciousness: the greater Self. That greater Self is the I AM, is what you often call the divine, God. You are operating as a drop in that great ocean; however, you are the great ocean.  You have simply chosen to create an experience from an individuated point as a drop, but you are all of the ocean. Now, when we say you are all of the ocean, we simply mean you are one. You are not a million, billion drops to form the ocean. You are not one drop, a million, billion two drops to form an ocean.  You are the ocean.

How can this be so when we are operating from this individuated point of awareness and feeling identified with this point of awareness and everything else seems to be outside of us?  The other that we perceive and communicate with seem to be outside of us. This, again is what was referred to as the illusion of form, the temporal world, the physical world – time and space, separation, etc: the illusion.

It is important to note that this illusion is the appearance of things; however, it is not the reality of what is. The reality of what is is oneness. The reality of what is is an interconnectedness of all things, at their essence, being the divine, the I AM, God the good, the holy and sacred.  However, as it unfolds in the illusion, there seems to be the appearance of right and wrong, good and bad, righteousness and unrighteousness, harm and safety, life and death, unity and separation, function and dysfunction.  The reality is all of these dichotomies are simply appearances. When we are in this world of form, all of these things seem real. However, we are not truly of this world of form because there is only oneness, essence, and all these temporal things are illusions that will pass and crumble.

If you think of it as a virtual reality, an illusion playing out and unfolding, that’s the simple way to make an analogy of it. However, that essence that you are, that divine safe and whole perfection, love, intelligence that is the essence of all things – is playing all the roles in this virtual reality. There is only one player: the I AM.  I AM that I AM.

How amazing, though times confused, and how real this virtual reality, this world, this dimension seems.  The unfolding intricacies, motion, the changes, differences, separation.

As we align with that spirit that teaches all things, we align with that divine presence, by the practices that assist us in fully experiencing the truth, that we are that essence, that source energy, that consciousness.

As we expand awareness into the knowing, we begin to let go of the identification and the attachment, beliefs that are causing us experiences we no longer wish to have.  Not through our own limited power as the individuated point of awareness, but through the power of the I AM – christ consciousness through which we can do all things.

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