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On July 7, 2017, we kicked off The Alignment Tour at Unity North in Atlanta with live channeling followed by Q&A and a concert where we recorded my new live album, “Moment to Moment” (available for order now here).

I was honored to record the new album that night with an awesome band that I believe you will love, which  included Posi Awards alum, Jennifer Ferren on background vocals; producer and electric guitarist, Jesse Owen Astin –  who also provided electric guitar on my debut solo album, “Limitless Love & Light,” played live with me multiple times before, and will mix the new live album; keyboardist/pianist, William Delaney – who you may have seen on Sundays at Hillside International Truth Center in Atlanta and who played with me at Agape this past February; Atlanta-based drummer, Tony W. Belser – who has also played live with me multiple times before; Russian-born percussionist, Gary Michael Brynenn – a classically trained percussionist who I also recently played a couple of duo shows with; Atlanta bass player, Ray McClean – who I also played a few times with at Hillside; and background vocalist, Robin Wheatfall – who was a wonderful first time addition to the band!

Check out one of my favorite clips here:

photo by Erik Bardin

photos by Emma Jesko Willich- Of Fate and Chaos

Kathy, Johnny, and I then set out on an 11-day tour through the Northern part of the East coast, which included the amazing wedding of our dear friends, twin-soul poets & Posi Award winners Hamilton & Ingrid Graziano, stops at several wonderful Unity communities and house concerts through out North Carolina and Virginia.

I then headed out to Unity Village in Kansas City, MO where I enjoyed sharing music during a wonderful service at the Chapel there… and If you haven’t heard the lead minister, Erin, speak, she was outstanding!

I then spent the next 5 days connecting with the young leaders and staff at the International Youth of Unity (IYOU) 2017 Retreat where I provided music, a workshop and musical support for the youth leaders (called “Indies”)’s workshops! Everyone involved were simply amazing!!   We wrote a beautiful song together during the workshop I gave on aligning and songwriting!  Check it out:


I flew back to Atlanta, arriving early Sunday morning, and Kathy, Johnny and I headed out to  Unity of Gainesville, GA where I provided the Sunday service message and music, followed by a yummy potluck and a concert after service.

I’m home for a few days and we’ll host my good friend, Lindsey L. Turner, this Wed. at Trinity Center for Spiritual Living for our Spiritual Summit Wed night service, so be sure to come out to this free mid-week service if you are in Atlanta.


Heads up: today is the last day of the “Align. Allow. Let Go.” T-shirt campaign (details here) so be sure to order your T-shirt by 11:59PM EST if you’d like to receive one.

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