Join us for a transformational vacation retreat experience in Uvita, Costa Rica for 8 days / 7 nights as we experience divine integration together through music, nature, creativity. Enjoy eco-luxury, delicious nutrition, yoga, breathwork, whale watching, meditation, soundbathing, conscious conversation, connection, adventure, and more, all in a wonderfully high vibration destination!


Join us Monday, March 13th, 20th and 27th at 7PM Easter for a transformation experience online to create a shift in collectie consciousness around Black history, Indigenous History and General Superiority.


Join John every Wed & Friday morning for a podcast with simple inspired reminders of our oneness, perfection & power through Alignment with the Source of who we are!


Join married couple and business partners, John & Kathy Stringer, for their second season as they share authentic lessons, insights, challenges and the joys they experience in building businesses, raising a family, serving clients, inspiring others, all through creating aligned relationships. 


Get FREE access to our VIP online community & join others following our free Tri-Harmony System that helps you align & balance Mind, Body & Spirit!


On this 4-week journey, you’ll join the co-founders of Healing Arts Management & Awakened Pillow Talk podcast, John & Kathy Stringer, on a 4-week journey to help you transform in a truly meaningful, empowering, valuable & tangible way. 

New Song "Over My Shoulder" Released

Chatch “Over My Shoulder,” the first track off That’s Called Going For It! Vol. 3, featuring John Stringer, Jesse Owen Astin, Nate Thielon, Brian Stead,  Matt Mulkey , Mama Jan, David Schroeder, and Pete Burleigh for a diverse collaborative album written in February 2021 (Warning: some other songs on the album contain profinity). Catch it on all music platforms. All proceeds from the album go to charity!


The new healing video “Power of Love & #blacklivesmatter” features Rev. Dr. Michael B. Beckwith, Louis Gossett, Jr; Rev. Bishop Barbara L. King, Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson, Sister Jenna, Rev. David Alexander, Rev. Bishop Jack Bomar, Mama Jan, Rev. Deborah Johnson, V (formerly Eve Ensler), John & family, & many more sharing a powerful message of love, compassion & unity to HONOR black lives in our human family!


Order an autographed copy of John’s latest book, The Abundance Vibration: A Guide to Alignment, and order the latest CD, “Moment to Moment (Live),” from our official online store!


Book a remote personal guidance session with John Stringer for help with accessing higher levels of consciousness to receive the answers you’re seeking.


See our gift card options and give the gift of transformation via music, books and/or a remote personal guidance session (at a dicount) with life teacher, author, healer, Billboard-charting singer, John Stringer.


Get a copy of the lead sheet music for John Stringer’s Posi Award-nominated song, “That’s Love,” and “You Are Welcome Here” at the PolyPlat Records online store.



Sign up for the mailing list and receive details on our free VIP ONLINE community:


Get a copy of John Stringer’s debut solo CD, “Limitless Love & Light,” the new live album, “Moment to Moment,” the new book, The Abundance Vibration: A Guide to Alignment, and much more when you order directly from or give the gift of transformation via one of our gift card options here.


Gratitude from the first Plug In Power Up event!

I had an outstanding time time at the first Plug In Power Up event with Clive Delaporte and Katharine Pike.  We recorded a quick video afterward and their words were so warm.  Check it out and then, check them out at

“…everyone in attendance was inspired and having a powerful positive shift…”

“John Stringer is a musical artist whose performance is beyond measure. John’s natural ability to embrace his audience with his powerful lyrics and heartfelt melodies was an amazing experience to witness. Throughout John’s performance, it was evident everyone in...

“Share his music and feel the light!”

"Here at Unity Church of Clearwater, we were thrilled to host John Stringer for our special music for worship services on June 19, and again for a Café Concert here at UCC the next evening.  We have never heard a purer voice or known a purer soul.  His message comes...

“He is the real deal! Love this guy.”

"John Stringer is pure heart. He brings an amazing energy and passion to all of his performances with powerful songs, dynamic vocals and engaging stage presence. Combine this with a humbleness and grace that is completely authentic and sincere, and you have an...

“I was floored and amazed by the information I received…”

"I had the privilege of doing a reading with John at a Channeling retreat he was co-teaching. I was floored and amazed by the information I received. I have been read many times by different intuitive psychics and mediums. I even do some channeling and Tarot card...

“John was a hit!”

"John was a hit! The participants enjoyed him immensely, as did our leadership team. John took us by surprise as he showed up more than an artist but as a leader/practitioner. We will definitely keep him in mind for future events." ‎- Darlene Hutto Director of Grants...

“… where reality meets divinity and creativity converges with consciousness.”

"John Stringer is the epitome of grace and talent. His angelic voice pours soft, pure brilliancy into the hearts and minds of his listeners. The energy John so organically emits encompasses a subtle voice of soft, gentle wisdom one may only find rooted in the very...

“… his insights were so profound that we welcomed him back for a follow up event as the keynote speaker.”

"John Stringer is truly a master teacher.  His transcended vibration is healing in and of itself, and his words bring even further clarity and direction to those seeking higher levels of consciousness. He participated in a panel discussion for a women's group at our...

“… he mesmerized an audience filled with amazing musicians and songwriters as well as fans…”

"emPower Music & Arts was very excited to welcome John an Kathy Stringer to the 11th annual Posi Music Festival and Posi Awards in February. John's charismatic and infectious zeal created fans even before he took the stage. When he did, he mesmerized an audience...

“… lifts the genre of positive, affirming music to an entirely new level.”

"John Stringer brings it! This man brings extraordinary talent, passion, light and an attitude of joy that lifts the genre of positive, affirming music to an entirely new level. John's music and presence is compelling and lasts within your heart and mind long after...

“… provides a space for you to remember your connection to Source & that you have everything you need to soar!”

"John Stringer offers soul-stirring music that inspires, motivates & awakens the listener to his or her own soul message. His music provides a space for you to remember your connection to Source & that you have everything you need to soar!"  - Greta Counts;...

“More than a singer, John Stringer is a messenger with music that just makes the world better.”

"More than a singer, John Stringer is a messenger with music that just makes the world better. His heart is pure and when he sings, everyone knows that someone special is shifting the energy and bringing mighty blessings through his music.” - Rickie Byars Beckwith...


John Stringer
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Karen Emanuel
Karen Emanuel
I had a reading alignment session with John a few weeks ago. Though for the whole of that day I had the align allow let... go mantra responating in my being, I decided to wait a little before writing this recommendation. What has changed? Maybe it would take less time to say what has not changed. I have had the most intense cleaning clearing and realignment throughout the whole of my being, contant ah ha awareness moments/learning moments that I have and still am integrating. A bit like that song "and the beat goes on" the growth gones on and that I am sure will stay with me forever. Thanks John for the generosity of your gift and more
Patricia Ajoy
Patricia Ajoy
this music really touched my heart. thank you!
Leila L'Abate
Leila L'Abate
Awesomely inspiring good -vibe music!
Linda Gail McLeod
Linda Gail McLeod
John Stringer is great singer, musician, teacher and healer. I have attended several of his events felt his gifts and... healing. Thank you John for being a vessel for Spirit to flow!read more
Hazel B. Ray
Hazel B. Ray
I am amazed at how my session with John fit into my overall healing journey from the manifestation of the funds to pay... for the session to the epiphany I experienced five days later. John and his spirit guides confirmed some things I already knew as well as providing insights that gave me a new perspective on several of my life experiences. A question I have never asked myself before is: are you willing to let go of what you think you want in order to experience the highest good that is naturally unfolding for you? I will continue to ask myself that question. Thank you, John, for being the wonderful channel that you more
Martin Dowman
Martin Dowman
John was hired to be the musical performer at a five day long retreat with the Youth of Unity South Central Region... (high school age) in Tahlequah, OK. It was a wonderful event due in part to the amazing talent and powerful expression of love and light that John is. Language is important and John's ability to speak deeply of being all we can be in the world simply ROCKS! I am sure we will have him back again!read more
Jami Donaldson
Jami Donaldson
I had a remote session with John. I was a little hesitant to have it remote instead of in person but found that it was... very powerful! I had the wonderful experience of raising my vibration in communion with John and then the feeling of alignment. After listening to the session a few days later, I was able to achieve that same alignment! Thank you, Johnread more
Olivia Thompson
Olivia Thompson
I went to an event tonight, not knowing really anything about it and left full of love... the alignment code exercise... was amazing and I feel it will be very useful going forward... I felt so aligned with what John shared both in his talking and overwhelmed with emotion when he spoke through his music (his voice and the language together is so powerful it spoke directly and immediately to my heart)... Love doesn't seem a big enough word, I am forever touched... thank you for the opportunity to gain the insight in such a beautiful way!!!read more
Rebekah Newton
Rebekah Newton
Feeling aligned with inner peace! Thank you and blessings to all.💗
Molly Risak
Molly Risak
We were SO blessed to have John here is So. Cal last week. I bought both of your CD's and can't stop playing them. ... They definitely lift my vibration and fill me with joy. Your music, but even more so, your presence is so beautiful. I'm so grateful to have met you. Blessings John!read more
Andrea LeClaire
Andrea LeClaire
Beautiful soul, talented artist and wise channeler! Don't miss a chance to see John perform and/or channel. It is a... pure, sweet, transformational more
Jerry Woods
Jerry Woods
In a session with John you will be amazed at the clarity you can receive in answers to your questions by his... channeling. Take your list of your deepest questions with you and be prepared to be deeply moved. John will assist you with unconditional love. And if you get a chance to attend a concert - don't miss it. He has a beautiful, healing voice also. You will not be disappointed!!read more
James Caughlin
James Caughlin
Take a bus, train or airplane to get into the same room as John! He's the real deal! John Stringer is a friend and an... amazing human being. His beautiful music, heartfelt opening and deft expression bring a message of love, acceptance and creation to all whom he encounters.John is powerfully committed to love and to surrender of the conditioned mind, and he has practical input for others to be able to find their own similar path.The minute he started the first workshop I attended, I dropped right into my heart and into entrainment. Beautiful!There's no fluff, no love and light without having your feet on the ground. Discover a new doorway to a deeper experience of life. And the music alone is worth it. His songs are amazing and right on topic for all of the above.Don't miss any chance to see him!!read more
Karen Smith
Karen Smith
Enjoyed listening to the phenomenal performance of this Richie Haven spirited performer. John Stringer Rocks!
Anna Maria Miosky
Anna Maria Miosky
Limitless light and love in person! His music will open and touch your heart with healing and peace. A gift beyond... compare and an inspiring and empowering example of what is possible when a person responds to the calling of their soul!read more
Ian J. Findlay
Ian J. Findlay
One word to describe my spiritual channeling phone session with my brother John, and that's enlightenment. Overall, we... touched on the essential fact that our obligation to ourselves is to access our higher conscious, at will, and remain evolving and ever-flowing. He gave me great insight and wisdom, that surely put a lot in vibrational-harmonious perspective for me. Thanks again, more
Katie Wooden Huie
Katie Wooden Huie
It has not been an easy path for me to find resources that I trust to provide guidance and insight. John helped changed... that for me. He is a gifted individual, capable of sharing powerful, positive feedback in a way that soothes the soul. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to John for sharing his heaven sent talents with more
Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones
If Music is Medicine for the Soul, then John has the elixir for Life!! His words are sacred poetry sung by the... vibration and tune of love. His voice is a soul's lullaby, his message is Sparkly Golden rays of Sunshine- Pure Heart to Spirit Connection. Align, Allow, and Let Go! And turn your speakers up!!! ~*~read more
Kaye Blonquist
Kaye Blonquist
John's music truly speaks to my soul!! He eminates the limitless love and light that he writes/sings about. I feel a... connection to something greater and a sense of expansion,...embodying the love that resonates from him following the true essence of his being. Thank you, John!! for sharing your light with the world and truly following your passion, mirroring to all the courage to align, allow and let more
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Aligned Relationships Course Now Open & More!

Aligned Relationships Course Now Open & More!

 John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, AuthorHere's the latest Healing Arts Management video newsletter to see what Kathy & I have been up to:You can also visit the following links mentioned in the video:  Tour dates...

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