After all the has shifted and changed over the last year and half, are you ready to step into trust and mark visiting sacred Peru with the power of Machu Picchu, the mystic animals and beauty of The Amazon River & Rain Forest, the healing of the Sacred Valley and so much more off your bucket list? Then join us this October for a Retreat / Tour with the power to heal through music and experience like no other! 


Join married couple and business partners, John & Kathy Stringer, for their second season as they share authentic lessons, insights, challenges and the joys they experience in building businesses, raising a family, serving clients, inspiring others, all through creating aligned relationships. 


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Join John every Wed & Friday morning for a podcast with simple inspired reminders of our oneness, perfection & power through Alignment with the Source of who we are!

New Song "Over My Shoulder" Released

Chatch “Over My Shoulder,” the first track off That’s Called Going For It! Vol. 3, featuring John Stringer, Jesse Owen Astin, Nate Thielon, Brian Stead,  Matt Mulkey , Mama Jan, David Schroeder, and Pete Burleigh for a diverse collaborative album written in February 2021 (Warning: some other songs on the album contain profinity). Catch it on all music platforms. All proceeds from the album go to charity!


The new healing video “Power of Love & #blacklivesmatter” features Rev. Dr. Michael B. Beckwith, Louis Gossett, Jr; Rev. Bishop Barbara L. King, Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson, Sister Jenna, Rev. David Alexander, Rev. Bishop Jack Bomar, Mama Jan, Rev. Deborah Johnson, V (formerly Eve Ensler), John & family, & many more sharing a powerful message of love, compassion & unity to HONOR black lives in our human family!

"Lift Every Voice & Sing" from Voices of Unity

Enjoy a wonderful collaboration of “Lift Every Voice & Sing,”featuring Stephanie Bland, Rev. Sandra Campbell, Rev. Dinah Chapman, Kim Evans, Gary Lynn Floyd, Deidrey Francois, Rev. Christina Garza, Rev. Valorie Kay Gunsch, Bruce Henry, Rev. Charline Manuel, Patricia Ortega, Faith Rivera, Denise Rosier, Gwen Scales, John Stringer, & Sharon Wilkerson.


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“… where reality meets divinity and creativity converges with consciousness.”

"John Stringer is the epitome of grace and talent. His angelic voice pours soft, pure brilliancy into the hearts and minds of his listeners. The energy John so organically emits encompasses a subtle voice of soft, gentle wisdom one may only find rooted in the very...

Gratitude from the first Plug In Power Up event!

I had an outstanding time time at the first Plug In Power Up event with Clive Delaporte and Katharine Pike.  We recorded a quick video afterward and their words were so warm.  Check it out and then, check them out at

“Our community responds in appreciation and awe…”

“John Stringer's music has consistently set us on fire! Our community responds in appreciation and awe of John's original music. When he composed a song for us, we eventually recorded this and sing it frequently with our membership. He's open minded and supportive and...

“The love that flows from him to his audience is pure and palpable.”

"John Stringer is both an incredibly talented musician and a powerful teacher of conscious living. Having seen him perform his music and share his message of love as a spiritual teacher, I realized that he is the pure embodiment of what he offers others; awareness of...

“He is the real deal! Love this guy.”

"John Stringer is pure heart. He brings an amazing energy and passion to all of his performances with powerful songs, dynamic vocals and engaging stage presence. Combine this with a humbleness and grace that is completely authentic and sincere, and you have an...

“More than a singer, John Stringer is a messenger with music that just makes the world better.”

"More than a singer, John Stringer is a messenger with music that just makes the world better. His heart is pure and when he sings, everyone knows that someone special is shifting the energy and bringing mighty blessings through his music.” - Rickie Byars Beckwith...

“Share his music and feel the light!”

"Here at Unity Church of Clearwater, we were thrilled to host John Stringer for our special music for worship services on June 19, and again for a Café Concert here at UCC the next evening.  We have never heard a purer voice or known a purer soul.  His message comes...

“… his insights were so profound that we welcomed him back for a follow up event as the keynote speaker.”

"John Stringer is truly a master teacher.  His transcended vibration is healing in and of itself, and his words bring even further clarity and direction to those seeking higher levels of consciousness. He participated in a panel discussion for a women's group at our...

“I was floored and amazed by the information I received…”

"I had the privilege of doing a reading with John at a Channeling retreat he was co-teaching. I was floored and amazed by the information I received. I have been read many times by different intuitive psychics and mediums. I even do some channeling and Tarot card...

“… lifts the genre of positive, affirming music to an entirely new level.”

"John Stringer brings it! This man brings extraordinary talent, passion, light and an attitude of joy that lifts the genre of positive, affirming music to an entirely new level. John's music and presence is compelling and lasts within your heart and mind long after...

“John was a hit!”

"John was a hit! The participants enjoyed him immensely, as did our leadership team. John took us by surprise as he showed up more than an artist but as a leader/practitioner. We will definitely keep him in mind for future events." ‎- Darlene Hutto Director of Grants...

“… provides a space for you to remember your connection to Source & that you have everything you need to soar!”

"John Stringer offers soul-stirring music that inspires, motivates & awakens the listener to his or her own soul message. His music provides a space for you to remember your connection to Source & that you have everything you need to soar!"  - Greta Counts;...



Living Your Dreams – April 2021 Update

Living Your Dreams – April 2021 Update

  John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, AuthorLiving Your DreamsWe’ve had so many wonderful things unfold lately and I’m most excited that we are helping others live their dreams.A WOMAN’S JOURNEY OF HEALING & HOPE Check out the wonderful work my wife, Kathy,...

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Align And Release Overwhelm & Lack

Align And Release Overwhelm & Lack

 John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, AuthorToday, I'm sharing my morning meditation download regarding feelings of overwhelm.As part of my morning spiritual practice, I conclude my sessions by writing out inspired action.  Today, I started feeling...

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