John Stringer, Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Author

I have been so blessed to be a part of raising our collective consciousness in many ways.

Through music; through authoring books of channeled practices and teachings; through relationships with family, friends and all those I get to encounter in this unfolding; and through speaking, workshops, retreats and more, I am so grateful to see the unfolding of the very desires I choose and it is continuing in profound ways.  See how that fulfilment is being amplified and how to join in below!


In our membership site, we have so many meditations, courses, and eBooks to help guide those ready to awaken and expand their awareness of their intuitive abilities, plus our free Conscious Moment Makers group allows member to practice remote intuitive abilities exercises every week. You can sign up for your free or paid membership here and be among the first to recieve notice of our next Expanding Awareness & Intiution retreat in Charlotte, NC!


Kathy and I are thrilled to join our friends Brian Piegrossi and international yoga & breathwork teacher, Annie Marrie, for Breathwork for the Heart at TCSL this Wed.!  It will be a unique experince with music, guidance and breathwork to help you expand into new levels of being!!!!  Get tickets now here and you can bring a friend for FREE just by mentioning BYBO (Buy One Bring One) at the door!  


In the work I’m doing with partners and people at retreats, live events and more, I’ve been able to help guide participants into their alignment with Source through the Alignment Meditation that helps us expand awareness and allow source energy to clear blocks while helping us choose from higher levels of consciousness what desires to fulfill and what patterns to release.

Now, I’ve been blessed with a new technology I’m calling the Alignment Codes – a process that guides you through alignment and receiving what issues to address (that you are ready to release), along with receiving your own Alignment Code in the form of an affirmation that you can use to immediately experience release and integration with the higher frequencies you are ready to choose. You do this from your own alignment with your highest self / Source / Spirit and listening to the still small voice of God that guides you to exactly what you are ready to step into now.

This wonderful new Alignment Codes process came though during a remote personal guidance session with an amazing client and dear friend, Kris Vesa, who is pioneering her own new method to include some form of this channeled new process.

When Kris & I experienced her session together, the channeled process came through to guide her into clarifying her own alignment code (specific to the issues she was ready to release), yet I also practiced the code as an affirmation with her and felt incredible expansion and bliss. So, this process can be used collectively as a single receiver can bring about whatever code that will address our collective consciousness with whomever is present and listening. This is why affirmations designed for shifting the receiver/creator also work with whomever is ready for that shift.

If you’d like to experience the Alignment Codes process for your self, sign up for a remote personal guidance session here and/or join me for one of our upcoming workshops or retreats (e.g. Expanding Awareness in Charlotte, NCSecond Big Glow New Year’s Eve in FL, etc.)!


I’m also grateful for the Set Your Tone Summit we just completed in Atlanta! It was a wonderful one day event in Atlanta with speakers and musicians that unfolded as a “Ted Talk meets concert” with incredible musicianship and speakers helping us step into more of who we came to be. I received so much, shared so much, and enjoyed it all immensely!

Thank you to all who were present in our collective creation… and thanks to Bronkar and Cyndi lee, Tacy Owens, Kathy Stringer, Rainey Suggs, William Forchion, Sarah Carlson, David Holland, Seth Radman and all the musicians, staff and volunteers who helped facilitate such an amazing event!  Visit to find out when the next one is!


Finally, I’m grateful for our incredible 2018 Conscious Songwriting Retreat where Alan Roy Scott, Patricia Bahia, Jill Colucci, Kathy Stringer and I facilitated a wonderful experience with wonderful songwriters from around the US into practicing songwriting as a creative tool and one for awakening!

I’d like to share with you what I shared during our opening circle to give you an idea of exactly what we came to (and did) experience:

“We are using songwriting as not only a creative tool but as one for awakening. That is what Conscious Songwriting is about as I define it. To assist one in their journey to remember who they are, why they exist and what their souls is seeking to birth, what Source is seeking to birth through their soul’s blueprint even. Many of you are choosing to align with the truth of who you are. Not the separate individuated points of awareness, or the disconnected beings that are not interrelated… but instead, the connected beings, interdependent upon each other – because you are truly ONE at the essence and you are listening, learning to remember, learning to be, learning to align with the Source of who you are more frequently. You are using your journey to bring forth greater awareness into your abilities, to tap into higher levels of consciousness so that you can remind yourself at every level of who you truly are, why you came and what is possible: the limitless love and light that you are. You are awakening into the calling to be something greater than you ever thought possible in your non awakened state. You are aligning with the calling for your life to bring forth something remarkable: to bring forth the light, love and bliss in your personal experience and to assist all humanity in doing the same. This is your birthright. It is therefore about knowing you are one, knowing you are powerful and knowing you are perfect as all life is because at its essence, beyond the appearance of things, you are the divine, the sacred, the holy, unfolding in ways that are magnificent. You came to be that. Yes. this is your reason for the retreat: to remember, together, and remind each other of that oneness that perfection and that power. Through our own alignment we will assist the ones who have answered the call to join in the remembering, to join in the unfolding and awaken the world to more of its perfection. Yes. And so it is.”

If you’d like to join us at the next Conscious Songwriting Retreat, sign up here to receive notice when we announce the new dates AND you’ll receive the Conscious Songwriters interview series where I interview top award-winning, multi-platinum, aclaimed songwriters in the conscious and positive songwriting arena to provide insights and inspiration for your conscious songwriting journey.

As always, check out our other upcoming events at!

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