"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got. And you will keep doing what you've always done if you keep thinking what you've always thought." Larry Wilson

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Print your own barcode.

Ever needed to print barcodes from your own computer? If you are in a band, you probably have. Yeah, you may not be able to scan the resulting barcode in a retail store, but its great if you are printing your own CDs and selling them at shows. Here's a list of fonts...

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“Just Ask” from Daily Gratitude list

Received another great email from Wes Hopper's Daily Gratitude list entitled "Just Ask." Its relays something that if tested, you will find to be true, amazing as it seems. " 'Isn't it strange how much we know if we only ask ourselves instead of somebody else?"...

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So how do you “Swallow Your Fears,” anyway?

The last few months have been beautiful AND challenging in so many ways for me - financially, emotionally, etc.. The challenging part has been in all good ways b/c the situations in my life forced me to face FEARS I am still "swallowing" and learn to trust at a...

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CREDO Mobile: More than a network. A Movement?

Anyone else get mail from CREDO Mobile this week? While I admire their green approach, cell phones aren't exactly biodegradable. The amazing thing is how they really go after AT&T for their past Bush/Cheney, McCain support: "Here's a nasty little secret you may...

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