Return to Hillside and CD Signing

Return to Hillside and CD Signing

Kathy and I are super excited to return to Hillside International Truth Center this Sunday where I’ll be joining the service and offering copies of my debut solo CD afterward to sign.

Over a decade ago, after we visited Agape in California, we came back to Atlanta searching for a place like it and found out Hillside was considered Agape’s “sister-church.”   We visited and fell in love with the people, Dr. Barbara King, and the music!   I’m so grateful to return and perform with William Delaney, Jarvis and the King Singers this Sunday and I’ll be signing copies of my debut CD after the service.  You can purchase the CDs at the book store the day of the service.

Service starts promptly at 9:30am where I’ll open the service with music and do two more selections during – one of which will be with the King Singers and it’s one of my favorites that they do, so I know the divine will not fail to show up and show out!

If  you are ready to feel the presence of God in a powerful way, join us for what will be a service of healing, love and light!

Special Needs Certified chooses “That’s love” as their official song

Special Needs Certified chooses “That’s love” as their official song

I’m delighted to share with you all that today, the Atlanta-based organization, Special Needs Certified (SNC) announced they have selected “That’s Love” as the organization’s official song.  Woohoo!

Read the full press release here and/or click the image below to go to the SNC Facebook post to show your support by giving them a like:
As the Our Story page on the organization’s website explains, Special Needs Certified, works to “educate businesses, cities, churches, volunteers and other organizations to better understand, engage with and serve people with special needs.”

My hope has been that the music would support others in spreading love and light just like SNC and founder, Lindsey Turner, have been doing for some time now.

I’m truly grateful the music so many of you helped me record via our Kickstarter campaign is able to help spread their message of love and acceptance and I look forward to continuing supporting their work.

If you are an individual, business, city, church, volunteer or part of another organization that you think could benefit from learning how to better engage special needs families, please visit to learn more.

If you are interested in licensing a song from the album for your organization or an upcoming project, contact us here to work out details!

Finally, if you’d like to check out the rest of the album, listen here and order an autographed copy for you and/or those you love!

Happy Holidays!

The love that we all seek is already here

The love that we all seek is already here

It has been some time since I’ve shared teachings I receive and I’m honored to share this message of love and light with you today.

The love that we all seek is already here. We are simply getting clear enough to see it. We are simply letting go of conditioned thinking skewed perception that has convinced us we are limited in some way, that we are less than perfect, that we are somehow flawed and unable to be what we came to be. this is the undoing that needs to occur in order to let go of the suffering in order to experience the bliss that is already here for you your birthright. Saying yes to your birthright saying yes to the life you came to live is the beginning of realizing who you are. Remembering who you are Saying yes to the divine , to love to god, to spirit to the all powerful, all knowing universal source is the very beginning of expanding your awareness beyond the limited , skewed perception you have been entangled in. Yes.

Enjoy this song from my new solo album, “Limitless Love & Light,” to go with the message above:

Happy Thanksgiving, Latest Kickstarter news, LLL message

Happy Thanksgiving, Latest Kickstarter news, LLL message

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you are finding plenty of things to be grateful for and spending quality time with those you love!

I also hope you are learning to love yourself more!  I’ve been learning how to do this in new and deeper ways and I share a little bit of it in my latest video update:


The lyrics to the chorus of  “Accept It All”  (the second track on my debut solo album, “Limitless Love & Light”) echo some of the sentiment I’m speaking of in the video regarding judgement.  You can listen to it (and the rest of the songs on the album) here.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and Happy Holidays!

Listen to and order your copy of “Limitless Love & Light” Online

Listen to and order your copy of “Limitless Love & Light” Online


We had an amazing time at the advanced CD Release party on 10/11/15 for my solo album debut, “Limitless Love & Light.” I’ll add some photos to the website soon.

I’m also grateful to finally announce that I’ve released the entire album, “Limitless Love & Light” for streaming and purchase online here (go to the page and scroll down to see the player).

The worldwide release of the album is set for 11/11/15, but you can pre-order now!

Thanks to all the Kickstarter supporters and participating artists (Victoria Canal, Jesse Owen Astin, Ade Anifowose , Nichelle Young and co-producer, Rick Beato) for making this possible! For those who participated, your Kickstarter rewards ship next week!!!